The Most Original Hearthstone Decks in the Current Meta

The Most Original Hearthstone Decks in the Current Meta

Hearthstone, as every Trading Card Game, has 2 forms of playing. Slowly filling the board and overwhelming your opponent. Or pulling a crazy combo in one or a few turns to kill the other player instantly. And with the cards coming in Rastakhan’s Rumble, the last expansion, some interesting combos opened up to challenge the most dominant ones. Lets see which Hearthstone decks made those combos possible and how can we win with them.

The Most Original Hearthstone Decks in the Current Meta

Rastakhan’s Rumble is the final expansion of the Year of the Raven. Together with Boomsday, Witchwood, Kobolds, Frozen Throne, and Un’Goro conform the current expansion playing in the Standard format. Although meta decks are always more dominant and common, example, Secret Hunter and Control Priest, it is always refreshing to see the new cards coming into relevance and becoming part of the winning decks. Next we’ll see some of this newer decks, making emphasis in the most original and fun ones.

Holy Wrath Paladin

In Rastakhan’s Rumble each hero gains two additional legendary cards: a Loa, and a Champion. Paladin obtained High Priest Thekal, and Shrivalla, the 2nd one being relevant in this deck. Shrivalla is a 25 mana (yes, twenty five mana) minion 7/5 with Lifesteal, Rush and Divine Shield, which effect is that it cost 1 mana less for each mana you have spend on spells. Immediately the synergy with Holy Wrath is evident, since Holy Wrath allows you to draw a card and deal damage equal to its cost. 25 damage for 5 mana in a single card is not bad if you ask me.

So how is the set up? You need to draw your entire deck and play defensive behind some big Taunt minions, and also have a lot of healing to withstand your opponent. Shrivalla’s cost can be easily be reduced to 0 mana using big spells like Spikeridged Steed and Lay on Hands, which both accomplish your first mission. Finally when you have no more cards in your deck, you play Shrivalla for 0 mana, put a copy of it on your deck with a Baleful Banker, and play Holy Wrath drawing your only card and hitting your opponent with 25 damage in the face.

Hearthstone Deck Holy Wrath Paladin Rare Card Meta
Image source: Reddit
Hakkar Druid Hearthstone Decks

Druid has always been known for its big minions, its absurd amount of armor gain, and reaching 10 mana faster by gaining empty mana crystals. Now we combine that with a new card called Hakkar the Soulflayer, which shuffles in both decks a special card called Corrupted Blood as a Deathrattle effect. When drawn, this Corrupted Blood deals 3 damage to the hero who drew it, multiplies and shuffles again into your deck. You may wonder how can you win with this? Its simple, King Togwaggle.

The idea is to draw all your deck and fill yourself with all the armor you can. Ferocious Howl and Branching Paths are extremely useful for this. Some Druids even use Gadgetzan Actioneer with a bunch of 0 mana cards just to draw fast. When you draw your entire deck, you play Hakkar and kill it, with a Naturalize if you have to. Making sure you have enough armor to withstand the Corrupted Blood and the Fatigue damage. The next turn you play King Togwaggle and give all your Corrupted Bloods to your opponent, then kill anything with Naturalize and watch how your opponent kills itself drawing.

Hearthstone Deck Hakkar Druid Rare Card Meta
Image source: Reddit


Exodia Mage Hearthstone Decks

Maybe this deck is not one of the most recent ones, but I would say is the most fun of the list. The idea is to assemble all 5 parts of Exodia for an instant win, which in Hearthstone would be Archmage Antonidas and four Sorecer’s Apprentice. Antonidas gives us a free Fireball when we cast a spell, and with four Apprentices each Fireball cost 0 mana and gives us another, making for infinite damage. So the question is how do we get there?

We need more than 10 mana to assemble all pieces, so we have 2 options: playing Open the Waygate Quest to gain an extra turn whenever we need to, or copy the Sorecer’s Apprentice with Simulacrum and reducing their cost with a Leyline Manipulator. We contain our opponent with AoE Freeze and gaining armor with Ice Wall and Arcane Artificer, and whenever we are ready we play all five pieces, completing any missing Apprentice with Molten Reflection, and see how your OBLITERATE your opponent.

Hearthstone Deck Exodia Mage Rare Card Meta
Image source: Reddit


Gonk Druid Hearthstone Decks

In Rastakhan’s Rumble, the Druid’s Loa they announced was Gonk, the Raptor. His effect is that whenever your hero kills a minion, you can attack again with your hero. So what would be the most funny way to kill someone with this? Make a lot of copies of Gonk and stack his effect almost indefinitely.

After playing Gonk initially you have so many ways to copy it: you can eat him with Carnivorous Cube to have 2 Gonks, and put additional copies of it with Faceless Manipulator and Flobbidinous Floop. Whenever you have 4 or more copies of Gonk, play the new card Pounce and Claw to increase your attack, and every time you kill a minion, you would be able to attack 4 additional times. It is just hilarious to repeatedly hit someone in the face with your hero and a bunch of dinosaurs.

Hearthstone Deck Gonk Druid Rare Card Meta
The Most Original Hearthstone Decks in the Current Meta

If you like any of these decks try them yourself! and stay tuned for more of Hearthstone content here on Game Life.

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