Is Twitch Dying?

Is Twitch Dying
  • Popular streaming platform Twitch lost some of the biggest streamers to Mixer. Is this the beginning of the end for the streaming giant?

Twitch has been around since 2011, and was actually founded in 2007 under the name Justin.Tv. The platform has a lot of games and streamers combined, and had reached 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users, with around a million average concurrent users (source). Thousands of streamers have found success on the platform, and some even creating their own brand under the Twitch banner. However, it is really hard to have a successful channel on Twitch. Most people are investing all their time to gain followers, and hopefully subcribers. But it does not always pay. People like Shroud come forth with their skills rather than their showmanship. Of course, being an ex-pro esports player helps you along the way. But it is not that important in the long run. After all, the most of the popular streamers in the world are not ex-pro players.

Ninja And Shroud Leave Twitch

Recently Twitch lost two of their most popular streamers. This was an unexpected event and people on the outside had no clue that Ninja and Shroud were going to leave Twitch. First, we have seen Ninja depart for Mixer, announcing it on his Twitter page to his millions of followers. This became a shock and naturally, everyone figured out that Ninja was offered a huge amount of money to come and stream on Mixer. Afterward, maybe the most interesting case, was Shroud leaving for Mixer as well. Currently, Mixer has maybe 2 of the top 10 streamers around the world. But this might be the start of an escape from Twitch according to Shroud. Is this true?

Is Twitch Dying?

The short answer is no. Twitch is as stable as can be. Yes, it is really hard to make a name for yourself in this platform but it is without a doubt the best platform to make a name. Although Twitch wasn’t a first-mover in video game streaming, they perfected it. Twitch was  How many times we have seen a Twitch Prime ad jumping around the screen? Twitch Prime offers generally unique items for favorite games. Right now when we look Twitch as a platform we can be sure that it is still the strongest platform out there. Yes, two popular streamers leaving must have hurt Twitch, however, there are still thousands of other great streamers that are equally as talented and entertaining on the platform. For example, take Dr Disrespect, who’s a veteran in the game. H recently shared his thoughts when asked if he was going to leave Twitch to go to Mixer.

“You Can’t pay for a community. You can’t buy viewership.”

Currently, Mixer is trying to make things work. They are not as strong as Twitch, but they have put out a competitive platform in the streaming space. Will they ever top Twitch in terms of users and popularity? That question cannot be answered as anything is possible in the future. But there are ways to close the gap between them and Twitch. Most streamers do not enjoy Twitch’s commission cuts. Therefore, the lower fees on Mixer might help. But the bigger question is if streamers on Twitch are willing to start over again on a new platform, especially when their own followers are still on Twitch? Ninja, who is considered the most popular streamer in the world, went from having 14 million followers on Twitch, to 2.5 million on Mixer. The drop is obviously due to Ninja switching from one platform to another, but his subscriber base must have also taken a hit during the switch, and the same thing will happen with anyone else looking to leave Twitch (if it is their primary streaming platform). Regardless of the situation, it’s always healthy to have competition and Mixer is definitely upping their game in the streaming space.

There are also other competitors coming from different segments. For example Youtube Gaming is a valid competitor in the long run especially if they can combine streaming and uploading content. Also Steam has its platform. Facebook streaming is kinda shaky at the moment, but regardless, they are still in the market. We will see what will happen with the streaming wars in the future.

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