Is Minecraft Passing Fortnite in Popularity?

Is Minecraft Passing Fortnite in Popularity Google Trends

Fortnite is currently the biggest video game in the world. But one source shows that Minecraft is passing Fortnite. Let’s take a deeper look at what’s going on.

Is Minecraft Passing Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale is the biggest game right now. The player base is incredibly huge, and according to Bloomberg, Fortnite had 200 million players in November of 2018. But we do know that games have an expiration date, and all good things must come to an end; or should they?

Some games like CS:GO or Dota 2 have been around for a long time, despite people claiming that these games would lose interest. In fact, CS:GO and Dota 2 are one of the biggest titles in esports. These games have a very large and loyal fanbase. But Fortnite is the newest game among these. Several well known older titles like Battlefield and CoD series go way back in the early 2000’s, but these franchises continue to release new games under its belt. This creates a fast revenue for these companies. But it does destroy the loyal gaming base. For example, everybody was expecting Rainbow Six Siege 2 to come out from Ubisoft. However, we have not seen another title, and likely we will not since Ubisoft announced that they want to reach 100 operators in RB6.

These are well-known franchises mentioned above, but despite how popular they are, can they surpass Fortnite? Not at the moment.

Minecraft – A Whole New World

There is one game that could possibly pass Fortnite, and that game is Minecraft. Minecraft started as an amazing Indie game. Considering how big the game got, it’s not offered even on Steam. But somehow, after 8 years, this game is still going strong. We always hear something new about Minecraft. The recent news was the Minecraft Dungeons announcement. This announcement will draw a lot of players back into its world. But is this enough for Minecraft to eventually pass Fortnite?

Recently on Google Trends, Minecraft passed Fortnite for the first time since it lost it’s battle back in 2017. Several people claim that this is enough to measure the popularity of both games.

Minecraft Passes Fortnite for the first time in years Google Trends
Source: Google

However when we take a look at twitch numbers things change.


Minecraft Twitch Metrics
Source: Twitch Metrics




Fortnite Twitch Metrics
Source: Twitch Metric
What The Stats Tell Us

As you can see there is a dip in Fortnite from Google Trends, however, Fortnite has much more activity than Minecraft on Twitch. Minecraft’s average viewers are around 20,000 but Fortnite is 120,000. Regardless of these results, we have to keep into account that Minecraft is still doing an amazing job. The game is over 7 years old and is one of the most popular games without the same levels of marketing as Fortnite. Steam can be a valuable option for them in the future, but for now, Minecraft is still one of the best games out there.

Considering the stats, Google Trends is quite accurate with the direction people are going. For example, Google Trends already showed a dip in the popularity of Apex Legends despite Respawn Entertainment coming out with news that they broke 50 million users. Here’s one thing to consider; Minecraft is one of the biggest games ever made. If any game has the ability to pass Fortnite in terms of popularity, it would be Minecraft due to their solid history. All Minecraft would need to do is to introduce something new, which it is actually doing with Minecraft Dungeons. The only question here is how fans will react to the release of the new game. The announcement of Minecraft Dungeons was well received at E3, and the very reason interest in the game spiked again in Google Trends.

But considering the continuous updates from Epic Games, and just the gameplay itself, will players return to Minecraft considering its bulky mechanics? Is Minecraft a style of gaming that players will want to play religiously again? Both Minecraft and Fortnite are incomparable, but the only thing that could push Minecraft above Fortnite is amazing new gameplay not seen in Minecraft before, and nostalgic players returning to the game. The E3 news is also responsible for the spike in Google Trends. If the announcement was enough to do this, what will happen during the release date? We’ll need to wait to find out.

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