Is It Worth Getting Back To Destiny 2 In 2019?

Is It Worth Getting Back To Destiny 2 In 2019
  • Bungie’s first attempt at going solo with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is paying good dividends. But is it worth getting back to Destiney 2 in 2019? 

Destiny 2, following the split with Activision, took some major steps. In June 2019, they made the major announcement that they will be bringing the game to steam, which will be completely free to play. It was not receiving much reception lately, but this step was totally in the right direction because it is witnessing a peak player count of at least two hundred thousand players daily bumping it to the top 5 currently played games on steam. Let’s take a look at what made this possible.

Base Content and Bungie Incentives

Bungie did a clever thing by making the base content before the expansion “Forsaken” completely free, which clearly gained a lot of attention. Players not having to worry about paying for all the expansion since year 1 of its release decided to invest their time and check the game out. The starting character power level being provided to players being 750 also worked as a massive incentive for players who didn’t want to grind from bottom level all the way to the high power levels of 950-960. Also, Bungie unlocked all the supers and skills of the character types from the get-go, previously people had to hard grind and unlock all different supers by completing differents quest and missions on a number of planets.

Bungie so far has managed to grab the complete undivided attention of a lot of new players. The massiveness of the game is another factor that players won’t quickly grow tired of the game. Apart from 50 plus hours of the main story, there is so much to do, attaining triumphs, collection legendary and exotic armor pieces and weapons, side quests, the much-difficult raids, and nightfall, etc. The game was just so much to offer right now that it manages to maintain a brilliant pace while keeping the players engaged.

Destiny 2 Concept art

The concept of Fireteam (co-op feature of Destiny 2) is something so adventurous and intriguing, and with such a huge player count, you will find people to play with, make a clan, do raids, and so much more.


Apart from “Forsaken” and “Shadowkeep,” people literally have access to everything Destiny has to offer. These two expansions, however, bring powerful exotic weapons, new places, new quests and an addition to the storyline, so it is totally worth it to buy these expansions right now because for one it doesn’t at all feel similar to the old content so it won’t seem stale and secondly, because of all the sweet loot and new places you can acquire and explore.

destiny 2 banner

Forsaken is available at a very low price as a DLC but Shadowkeep comes with 2 versions, first one being the base version along with the battle pass and second one “Digital Deluxe Edition” is a super-economical offer for people who will surely invest a lot of time in the game because it grants you with the expansion and access to the upcoming seasons battle passes. So, investing in microtransactions won’t hurt the players even 5 years after the release of the game; each place feels different from the other; the attention to detail by Bungie is truly commendable.

Battle Pass Rewards

The Battle Pass of Destiny 2: Season of the Undying comes with 100 levels and rewards on each level. This is totally worth it because it assures lots of exotic and legendary items along with tools and currencies which are rare or hard to obtain in the game.

Along with those, a lot of badass-looking cosmetics and ornaments will be available to make your character stand out amongst the others. Finishers emotes, upgrade components, vehicle skins, and so much more can be easily obtained by increasing levels in the battle pass.


Considering the sweet developments that Bungie has made with this free to play edition on Steam, I can easily say it is easily worth it for the players who seek adventures and depth inside a game. It is a game that should definitely be given a try, download it, and sink in a few hours. It may grow on you very fast.

The multiplayer mode of the game is nothing like we have seen before. The modes in this game are insane. Apart from the typical Capture the flag, Search and destroy, Free for all, etc. It has a new take on game modes for example- Gambit is a unique mode where players get the opportunity of playing PvE and PvP both in a single game. Point being that, if you want to hop-in a game to chill with your friends the multiplayer modes of this game won’t disappoint you even one bit. The matches are energetic and fast-paced, so its fun all around.

Download and definitely give it a try and let us know how you found the game. Players who are already playing a lot for the sweet loot and glory, let us know how has your experience so far been.

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