Hyper Scape Early Review

Hyper Scape Early Review Game Life
  • Today we will break down Ubisoft’s new free-to-play Battle Royale game Hyper Scape.

Battle Royale games changed the course of gaming history, there is no denying this at this point. Since the success of PUBG and afterward Fortnite many companies developed their own take on the genre. Even though some parts of the gaming communities are fed up with Battle Royale games, companies still develop them. The most recent example was Call of Duty: Warzone and now Ubisoft released their own Battle Royale Game, Hyper Scape.

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Source: Ubisoft

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Hyper Scape is a futuristic Battle Royale game and it is trying to set itself apart from other games with new ideas. The game features 100 players in solo (LTM mode) and 33 teams on trios. Players can win the match by either eliminating all the other players or capturing the crown at the end game. If you capture the crown you will need to hold it for 45 seconds. Players can find weapons and fuse them together to create an upgraded version of a weapon. There are also hacks in the game which help you in certain situations, such as building a wall to protect yourself or becoming invisible for some time.

The game like the name suggests is “Hyper”. The gameplay is one of the most intense and fast gameplays we have ever seen. Let us be honest about something, this game is not for everyone. It is not a realistic game and it is not trying to be. You can not wait for 5 minutes for someone to pass by in a building. Also, you can get eliminated by 3rd parties a lot since the movement is pretty fast in the game. Also because the game is currently in beta the weapon variety is not a lot.

But Hyper Scape is definitely fun. It is fun for players who like to be in constant fights. The movements are so fast and fluid, most of the time you will be fighting. Also, Ubisoft took another route and when you are eliminated your teammates can resurrect you infinitely. One more interesting point is the Twitch viewers can interact with the game. If you are watching your favorite streamer you can trigger events. These events are chosen by you and other viewers. Do not worry the events affect everyone in the game session therefore you will not be at a disadvantage against a streamer.

The Battle Royale genre has a lot of games already. As we have said before many players are looking for something new, however, the companies will continue to develop them because it is lucrative. Just like most Battle Royale games, Hyper Scape is also free-to-play but it contains a Battle Pass. You can access the test stage of the game by watching “Drops Enabled” Hyper Scape streams on Twitch. You just need to link your uPlay account and pray for a drop.


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