How to Use Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11 [GUIDE]

How to Use Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11 [GUIDE]

Here is everything you need to know about Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11. From his special moves to his best combos, read more below.

Hidden Character

Noob Saibot debuted as a hidden character in Mortal Kombat II. When gamers knew about his existence, it was a big deal because “hidden characters” weren’t common in video games. Many retro gamers know how significant the early Mortal Kombat games were for the gaming industry. In MKII, when a player would unlock Noob Saibot, they would only see a silhouette of the character.

The shadow-like figure was quite popular amoungst gamers. In the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, players were able to select Noob Saibot for the first time. Noob Saibot has quite a backstory, but in this article we are going to discuss how to use him in the new Mortal Kombat 11.All of Noob Saibot’s attack commands will be for the PS4. To watch the complete video click below:

Noob Saibot’s Attack Strings

The character has many different attacks strings.

  • “Dark Push”
  • “Sneaky Saibot”
  • “Wailing Wraith”
  • “Sinister Silhouette”
  • “Empty Grave”
  • “Tormented Souls”
  • “For the Brotherhood”
  • “Resurrected”

Dark Push is Noob Saibot’s command attack, which slings your character forward, propelling your opponent away. With a great range and ideal for up close combat, the Dark Push can be a powerful move to hit your opponent with if he continues to duck your attacks. Unfortunately, the Dark Push does not cancel any specials despite it’s ravaging blow. To use the Dark Push, press Left + Triangle.

Sneaky Saibot is another command attack, with a powerful jump kick finish that slings your opponent backwards. It’s a great counter attack to use against opponents who like to attack you from high jumps.

Empty Grave is a quick attack and ends with an overhead attack on the opponent. The first attacks from the Empty Grave is two head punches mixed in with the overhead if you successfully push the required keys. On PS4 it is Square + Square + Triangle for the combo. Ideally, the Empty Grave is better used to start a combo rather than focusing on damaging your opponent.

Tormented Souls is ideal for combos, and to use it you’ll need to press Square + Square + X in that order. If you’re planning to start a major combo, you’ll want to start with Tormented Souls over Empty Grave since it’s more effective in terms of combinations, however, if your opponent blocks then switch to the Empty Grave attack.

For the Brotherhood disorients your opponent as Noob Saibot wheels in the player and then finishes off with a punch which propels the player away. Although this is a good attack to use when you are trying to figure out your next combination, or set one up nicely, it leaves Noob Saibot vulnerable. Ideally, using For the Brotherhood is best to add in your combos rather than starting one. It deals a lot of damage . In order to start For the Brotherhood, you’ll need to press Left + Square + Square + X + Triangle.

For the Brotherhood Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat 11 Attack

Resurrected has a three hit combo with one upper and lower hit finishing off with a major upper cut. This attack sends your opponent flying in the air leaving you with some space for your next attack. It’s a quick attack that can be used for counter attacks. Due to it’s quickness, Resurrected can be used to start combinations off by press Triangle + Square + Triangle.

Wailing Wraith is a four combo attack which finishes with a powerful uppercut. It’s an excellent move to use in order to extend your combos. The only downfall for Wailing Wraith is that your opponent can block you on the last hi. This leaves you open to counter attacks. In order to pull off this attack you need to press Right + Triangle + Triangle + Square + Triangle.

Sinister Silhouette is a crafty attack that hits your opponent low and flips him on another side. It’s a good attack to use if you want to keep your opponent guessing. If you start a combo with Sinister Silhouette, you can continue with other attacks in confidence as Sinister Silhouette ends by slamming your opponent to the ground, leaving him vulnerable to more attacks. Combining Sinister Silhouette can cause major damage to your opponent. To use this attack you’ll need to press Left + X + Square + X.

Special Moves for Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot special moves consist of the following:

  • “Shadow Tackle”
  • “Rising Shadow Kick”
  • “Tele-Slam”
  • “Shadow Slide”
  • “Air Tele-Slam”
  • “Ghostball”
  • “Sickle Snag”
  • “Air Sickle Port”
  • “Spirit Ball”
  • “Shadow Strike”
  • “Sickle Toss”
Default Specials

Shadow Tackle gives a devastating projectile, causing decent damage while putting your opponent on the ground. Shadow Tackle sends Noob Saibot’s shadow to take down the opponent by pressing Left + Right + Triangle. You opponent can block this special quite easily, so you’ll want to use it when they least expect it. Additionally, if you’re able to land 10 Shadow Tackle specials, you can enhance the attack through the “Crushing Blow” which has your shadow pull out a sickle and stabs your opponent in the chest.

Rising Shadow Kick is a great special that casts Noob Saibot’s shadow upward. It can be used to counter and flying attacks by pressing Down + Left + Circle. The Rising Shadow Kick is also great to end any combinations you put together.

(Air) Shadow Dive can be done pressing Down + Left + Circle. It’s a solid dive kick and good at stopping opponents from doing Ariel moves.

Tele-Slam is a quick special that teleports Noob Saibot behind his opponent, picking him up and slamming him to the ground. To do this move, it[‘s a simple Up + Down on the d-pad. Tele-Slam move can be enhanced to cause more damage, which is done with certain abilities equipped.

Tele-Slam Noob Saibot Special Mortal Kombat 11 Attack

Dead of Night Specials

Shadow Slide attacks low, and has the same idea as Rising Shadow Kick which propels Noob Saibot’s shadow low, knocking down his opponent. It has a great range and gives you many options when combining it with attack strings.

Air Tele-Slam is essentially the same concept like “Tele-Slam“, however, Noob Saibot attacks from the air rather than from the ground and can be a great mix-up attack to keep your opponent guessing.

Tele-Slam, same as default special.

Total Blackness

Ghostball allows Noob Saibot to shoot a projectile to hurt his opponent. The command is a little slow, but used in conjunction with attacks that ground your opponent can be incredibly useful. Keep in mind, that if you’re able to successfully hit an opponent with a Ghostball, they won’t be able to block the next attack you do. In order to use Ghostball, you’ll need to press Left + Right + Square.

Sickle Snag is a great attack that protects Noob Saibot from Ariel attacks, and your opponent won’t be able to block it. If there’s any time to spend your meter, it’s best to use the Sickle Snag for your main combo. Additionally, you can use the Sickle Snag to end combos . To use this attack you need to press Down + Left + Square.

Air Sickle Port is a unique move that causes Noob Saibot to shoot a Sickle while in the air, and then teleports Noob Saibot wherever the sickle lands. Players can use this to teleport behind their opponent by shooting the sickle behind them as opposed to in front of them. To do this move you need to press Down + Right + Circle.


Spirit Ball is the same as Ghostball, however, it’s a faster projectile which gives you more options to combine this special in with other combos. However, opponents can duck the Spirit Ball and counter easily which leaves you vulnerable. To pull off the Spirit Ball you need to press Left + Right + Square.

Shadow Strike is similar to Shadow Slide, however, it’s a lot faster, and once again, gives you many options to use with other combos due to it’s quickness. To use it you need to press Left + Right + X.

Sickle Toss can easily distract your opponent as it’s not your traditional projectile move. Noob Saibot will be able to toss the sickle in the air (out of view) and comes slamming down on his opponent. It’s not a traditional move whatsoever which makes it’s interesting nontheless. The projectile can be aim higher or lower depending on how far back you go. This move requires you to be away from you opponent. If you’re too close to him, your sickle will fly behind him. To do this move you need to press Down + Left + Triangle.

Noob Saibot FATAL Blow

The Fatal Blow is slow at the beginning, but it does a nice job of tracking the opponents location. This attack can be used at any distance, and when used with combinations can be quite damaging.

Noob Saibot Fatal Blow Mortal Kombat 11 Attack

Here’s Noob Saibot’s evolution throughout the years:

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