How To Obtain The Latest Exotic Bow Leviathan’s Breath In Destiny 2

How To Obtain The Latest Exotic Bow Leviathan's Breath In Destiny 2
  • Exotic weapon Leviathan’s Breath has been added to Destiny 2. The new exotic bow is not difficult to obtain, just follow these quest steps.

Shadowkeep is the latest expansion added to Destiny 2. The developers previously told about the upcoming changes and weapons that will be introduced in the game over the coming months. The new expansion has a new raid, a new event “the vex offensive,” new weapons, and a ton of new content that will keep the adventure seekers busy. Yesterday afternoon the much-hyped exotic bow “Leviathan’s Breath” was finally put up for grabs for the season pass owners exclusively. This exotic quest will only be available to the players who have purchased Shadowkeep. What makes this weapon so special is that it is one of the few exotic bows in the game and also because it’s the only bow that can be equipped in the Power Weapon slot.

About Leviathan’s Breath

Leviathan’s Breath is paired with the exotic intrinsic perk: Big-Game Hunter. This perk allows the bow to fire a massive heavy bolt. Upon impact, the bolt will stagger unshielded enemy combatants, and it is most effective against Unstoppable Champions.

The damage type of Leviathan’s Breath is void. The bow also comes with some general perks that come along with other bows. The general perks being Chain Bowstring (Accuracy and Stability Up), Fiberglass Arrow Shaft (Accuracy Greatly Up, and Stability Slightly Down), and it comes with one exotic perk, Leviathan’s Sigh. Leviathan’s Sigh allows the bolt fired from the bows to create a sizeable concussive blast that does a knockback effect on enemies.

This weapon proves to be great for taking out multiple enemies at once and also helps in fighting against unstoppable enemies.

The Quest Steps to obtain Leviathan’s Breath

The quest to get the bow is nor difficult; neither does it require a lot of time for completion. If you want to obtain the bow, follow these simple steps and you will be done in no time.

  1. Talk to Banshee at the tower; he will provide you with the quest “Make Bows, Not War”
  2. The quest will require you to find Banshee’s workshop. To get to the workshop, you have to go to the Hangar, climb on of the staircases. The staircases will take you to the top level of catwalks. There is one situated to the immediate right side of the entrance. It is the easiest one. The jump can be quite confusing because, in Tower, you are in third person mode. So you have to be a little careful. Then after walking through some corridors, you will find yourself in an extended type room. Just take a turn around, and there would be a second corridor.

After going forward, you will find a room that contains a lot of shelves and robot frames. Search for a hole in the vent in the ceiling, once you locate it, you will be able to climb into it via a shelf in the room. After this, you will go through some tunnels, and it is not precisely a platforming part, but you can still die a few times trying to get it done.

After a few jumps on pipes and platforms to get into the next area, you will follow some more hallways, and then finally, you reach the actual secret workshop. There Leviathan’s Breath will be locked behind glass. The glass cannot be unlocked, and it triggers the next quest step.

  1. After this, you need to get the armory code from Banshee. The code requires calibration of the weapon in various ways. The effective ways to calibrate it faster would be to play Gambit or run Strikes, where Gambit Prime and Nightfalls grant faster progress. This won’t require much grind.
  2. This step is fun. You get to shoot fat Cabal heads for around 10-15 minutes. Basically, after the previous step, the next step requires to get precision kills via bows on Vex or Cabal. The best place to farm this quest would be the Castellum on Leviathan. Its all the way on the top, and the Cabal there never stop spawning. You can farm lost sectors of Cabal and Vex too, but this is much less hassle than doing lost sectors over and over again.
  3. The final step is similar to the final quest step for acquiring Thorn. You get thrown into a buffed up version of the Arms Dealer Strike. The buff is that you receive amplified elemental damage. The main mission should be to survive, and the rest will be okay. The boss fight is decently arduous.
  4. Once you are done completing the strike, go back to Banshee. Repeat the second step to get to the same locked case and voila you will get the exotic bow Leviathan’s Breath.

There, I just summarized the whole quest in steps. Now, go in-game destroy enemies get the Leviathan’s Breath. Earn bragging rights by getting it before your clanmates and friends do.

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