Hidden Overwatch Easter Egg In Borderlands 3

Hidden Overwatch Easter Egg In Borderlands 3
  • Within the long list of hidden easter eggs in 2k’s new game, a reference to one of Overwatch’s heroes happens to be one.

Borderlands 3 Launch

Six months after it’s official reveal on March 28th, Borderlands 3 was released on September 13, 2019 in the Epic Games store. 2k’s sequel to their critically acclaimed Borderlands 2, has been nothing short of a success so far. With a PC review of 85/100 on Metacritic, it’s just 5 points shy from its 2012 prequel’s rating.

According to Gearbox’s CEO, Randy Pitchford, the game has already surpassed the all-time peak concurrent players of their most popular game, Borderlands 2.

That would mean Borderlands 3’s concurrent peak is around 250 thousands players, just on PC alone mind you. As SteamCharts says Borderlands 2 peaked at 123,596 players at launch, and SteamDB reports a slightly higher number of 124,678. However, the game did have a rocky start with many people being unhappy that the game is tied in with an Epic Games store PC exclusivity deal.

As well, some PlayStation 4 players have received some supposedly major performance issues. Taking one quick look at the comments of above-mentioned tweet from the CEO, shows that the game isn’t free from negative reviews. Many people claim that either the reviews are being bombed to reduce it’s score or that there are people being paid to keep it’s score high. There seems to be a major clash between those that like the game and those who do not.

What sparked this fire is not known, but it’s release to the Epic Games store seems to be at its roots.

Hidden Overwatch Easter Egg in Borderlands 3

Like previous games made by 2k, the new Borderlands 3 is a game full of easter eggs. From references to the magic duo Pen and Teller, to wild and wacky cartoon duo Rick and Morty.

Pen and Teller easter egg:

Pain and Terror Easter Egg Borderlands 3

Rick and Morty easter egg: 

Rick and Morty Easter egg borderlands

Hidden amongst this long list of easter eggs, there happens to be a character reference to an Overwatch fan favourite Hero. Road Hog easter egg: 

Overwatch Easter egg borderlands

The easter egg makes a reference to the large tattooed hook feind of Overwatch. It’s a reference to none other but Road Hog, or in this case Road Dog. With his giant tattooed gut, massive meat hook, and pig-like a gas mask he’s practically the spitting image of Road Hog. According to ǾMƐƓǞĿǕĿ on the blizzard forums, he uses a hook and drops a legendary automatic shotgun. So far, some Overwatch fans are also hoping to find a companion to Road Dog. One user on the Overwatch subreddit said they can’t wait to find his partner, Trashmouse.” 

Trashmouse being a reference to Road Hog’s companion in Overwatch named Junk Rat. Much of the original allure of Borderlands is its comic book like visuals. This visual also seems to be something that Overwatch players also find alluring. And now that Road hog has gotten an easter egg, players seem to be hoping Blizzard will do a reference to Borderlands back.

  • Let’s get that skin Blizz! In fact I think Borderlands inspired skins for some heroes would be great, complete with the shading effect.”   -ǾMƐƓǞĿǕĿ
  • I hope it’s two ways and Hog gets some BL references. You woke the wrong hog”   -u/c7hu1hu

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