Halloween Video Game Masks And Props

Halloween video game masks and props
  • Halloween is probably one of the best holidays for gamers. It gives gamers a chance to dress up as their favorite video game characters. In this article, Game Life brings you the best Halloween Video Game Masks and Props to get.

Halloween is coming up, and many gamers have already picked their costumes and posted it online. Some years have a specific theme, and we found that this years theme is around the same as what we saw last year with an addition of Apex Legends. We found too many awesome Halloween video game masks and props that have been posted online. There’s quite a few that we were able to put together into one themed post. For your pleasure viewing! Here are some Halloween video game masks and props.

Apex Legends Halloween Costumes

Apex Legends is one of the biggest games to come into 2019, especially in the battle royale space. It gained huge popularity and has become one of the number one game for many gamers. This Halloween will be the first we’ll see of Apex Legends costumes and there are some decent ones out there. These costumes were sourced from eBay, and 3 out of four of them are from China. There are two masks, the Bloodhound and Pathfinder mask which is pretty decent. The only problem will be to find an actual outfit to match with the masks which can be difficult. If you have any children, there are some cool options out there to have the entire suit for your child, as you can see above for Bloodhound, Wraith, Mirage, and Gibraltar. Lastly, there’s a real cool one set Wraith costume available on ebay that nails all the details from the game. However, because the outfit is from China you’ll need to make sure about the measurements if you plan on going as Wraith.

PUBG Helmet Battlegrounds

Here’s a cool mask seen in the popular Player Unknown Battleground video game. This is a custom made mask from China and the creator definitely did a great job. Mind you the mask itself isn’t exactly complicated in design, it’s still cool to be able to purchase a mask shown in the video game.

Halo Master Chief Halloween Mask

I can only imagine how many people dressed as Master Chief when Halo first made it’s reveal back in the early 2000’s. There’s still love for the Master and I am sure many gamers have a bucket list with “dressing as Master Chief” as one of the items. If you are a hardcore gamer and haven’t dressed up as Master Chief, then its something you should add to your bucket list.

Fallout 76 Pip Boy Mask

This was a NYCC Exclusive mask. Not sure if it was given out or you were able to buy it, but the Pip Boy mask is definitely timeless. The mask is brand new sealed and can be found easily online.

Skyrim helmet replica

This is such a cool mask, and of course, it’s custom made. The creator says: “This Helmet is hand made from cardboard and paper mache, it is made to fit a very large head but with the right liner it can be made to fit a smaller head.” Custom made masks are the best because the quality is always superior to what you buy in the store.

Fortnite black knight Halloween costume mask

Fortnite is probably the #1 themed Halloween custom to have this year and this one is for the Black Knight. I can imagine that Fortnite will be the number one theme for gamers this year since it has the largest player base.

Super Mario Bros. Nintendo NES Era Halloween Costume Mask from 1988

How can we NOT add a Super Mario mask? Especially a creepy looking one like this 1988 mask? It’s brand new which is impressive in itself, and has gone for $15 on ebay in the past. You can’t go wrong dressing up as Mario, especially if you do old school Mario.

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