Geekletes Is The First Black-Owned Esports Gaming Facility In Texas

Geekletes Is The First Black-Owned Esports Gaming Facility In Texas (2)
  • The esports industry sees it’s first black-owner of an esports facility in Texas, Danny Martin. The new Geekletes Esports Studio is located in Dallas.

Geekletes Esports Facility

There’s a new esports facility in town, and it also happens to have one of the best names in the game. Co-Founded by Danny Martin, The Geekletes Esports Studio in Dallas is designed to provide options for careers in competitive gaming as players, managers and also a place for recruiters to see new prospects in the esports world. Geekletes is an esports organization that promotes healthy competition through its own web-app and state-of-the-art facility.

To help make their vision a reality, Geekletes setup a patreon page in order to support their cause in building a strong community for like-minded gamers who are looking for a place to play competitive gaming, while also pursuing a career in esports. Through their Patreon page, supporters who donate $25+ will be rewarded with plaques that will be hung on inside the esports facility in the “Hall of Fame”.

Located at 921 West Beltline Road, Desoto, the Geekletes Esports Studio had their official opening through their GeekletesCon (GC19) on August 17th. At the grand opening, attendees were able to meet pro gamers and esports industry influencers, witness esports at the highest level in NBA 2k and Super Smash Bros. GC featured a National Semi-Pro NBA 2K tournament which had a grand prize of $8000. For full event details please read more here.

Geekletes Is The First Black-Owned Esports Gaming Facility In Texas

Recently, Forbes contributor Brian Mazique interviewed Danny Martin, Executive Director of Geekletes where he brought up a number of topics. Brian spoke to Danny about how he got involved in esports, what the mission is for Geekeletes, how the branding works, and most importantly, being a pioneer in the esports space. During one point of the interview, Brian said:

“I got to ask you this because I think this is really significant. Right now, there are not a lot of African-Americans doing things of this nature within the esports space, and I think a lot of the reason for that is that we don’t see enough of people who look like us who come from the same neighborhoods that we come from, making a choice, as far as a professional choice; it doesn’t seem as if it’s possible. So I applaud you, and I love the fact that you’re doing this, and you’re not just involved as a gamer, I’m an organizer as well. So can you talk a little bit about being, really, at this point somewhat of a pioneer in that space.” – Brian Mazique

Danny began by talking about his history working in Silicon Valley, building companies and acquiring a lot of insights and learning lessons from some of the top engineers and marketers. He continues to go deep into his path and how he brought Geekletes to the southern sector of Dallas because he knows the area is a “hotbed for individuals who are looking for a better opportunity.

Not to give too much away as it’s a great interview, I would highly recommend watching the whole with Brian and Danny as they go in-depth about Geekletes. You can see the full interview with Danny Martin of Geekletes here.

Read Brian’s article on Forbes here.

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