Gears of War Statues Marcus Dom and Boomer CHAOS Limited Edition

Gears of War CHAOS Edition Statues Marcus + Dom + Boomer Set Mindzeye LE

Gears of War is one of Xbox’s exclusive Shooter games. Originally released in 2006 (jesus time flies), GOW has a strong franchise spanning 5 games in total (not including the remake called the “Ultimate Edition”). So if you’re a huge fan of the GOW games, then you’ll probably drool over these Gears of War Statues.

There’s three Gears of War statues in the set:
  1. Marcus
  2. Dom
  3. Boomer

These Gears of War statues were made by Mindzeyes Studios. They teamed up with Microsoft to produced a series of beautifully crafted diecast statues based on characters from the games. The statues were originally sold on the Mindzeyes Studios website and have been sold out for many, many years.


Mindzeyes Studios actually had two series. The Gears of War Legend Series (also sold out) and the Gears of War CHAOS Edition which is what you see above in the auction.

From what I gather, there were two different platinum statues you could have bought. A regular platinum statue (no color) which did not have “blood” on the weapon and was sold world wide, and then you had the “European Edition” which had blood all over the statues weapons.

So the auction above is for the European Version which is a lot rarer than the regular platinum version. The “other” series was the same Gears of war statues, but color painted.

I’m not sure what Mindzeyes Studios are up to now. I believe they don’t exist and perhaps their operations were short term as nothing on their store front is updated, and everything is sold out.

If you’re big into GOW, these are beautiful statues to add to your collection. The seller lives in Kansas City so you won’t be importing these bad boys from Europe which is a plus (save on shipping and duty).

Additionally, if you want to check out a really cool Gears of War Statue collection

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Good luck! Game Life

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