The First Gears Of War 5 Esports Tournament Is Now Open

The First Gears Of War 5 Esports Tournament Is Now Open
  • With Gears 5 recently released, competitive fans were wondering when Gears of War esports would start. Registration officially opened today for all regions. Here’s everything you need to know.

The First Gears Of War 5 Esports Tournament Is Now Open

Fans and players have been eagerly waiting for Gears 5 to kick off its online tournaments. The game has been out for a little more than two weeks now, and Gears Esports Twitter account announced today that registration is now opened. Teams can sign-up now on the official Gears Esports website here.

Tams can sign up and compete in regional ladders and online tournaments for weekly cash prizes. To get into the Pro League, teams need to finish at the top of their region. This gives them tickets to major international events to play for huge price pools and compete against the best teams in the world.

All Regions are opened for the first wave of online tournaments which will start between September 22, 2019 – September 23, 2019 (North American, South American, LATAM, Europe and Asia Pacific. Teams from around the world have already started to sign-up, with LATAM having the most participates so far with 60. In total, 120 teams have already registered and there’s a maximum of 512 teams per region that can enter.

Gears 5 2019-2020 Season

Gears of War 5 Esports Schedule

There are four quarters before the worlds in July 2020 which is broken down below:

  • Fall Quarter: Sept – Dec 2019
  • Winter Quarter: Jan – MAr 2020
  • Spring Quarter: Mar – May 2020
  • Summer Quarter: May – July 2020

The Fall Quarter is broken up starting with “Warm-ups” which happened from Sept 10 to the 1st. Online play and Pro League qualifications begin on Sept.22nd. The Gears 5 Pro League starts on October 21st and everything finishes with the San Diego Major in De6 from the 6th to the 8th. The Winter Quarter is broken up with the Pro League Qualification Phase 1 and the Challenger Points and Ladder Reset for APAC and South America. Phase 2 of the Pro League qualifiers start Jan 11th and the next day the Pro Leagues begins. The last event of the Winter Quarter ends with the Mexico City Major

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