Esports Sexual Harassment Cases Exploded. What Happened?

Esports Sexual Harassment Cases Exploded. What Happened?

Esports is the star industry of this pandemic. Since most of the industries were effected negatively, esports continued to grow since tournaments can still be done through online play. Most streamers also saw a surge of viewers on their streams. However, a dark cloud hit the esports industry as many sexual harassment claims hit social media. First, a Destiny 2 player was accused of sexual harassment and this opened Pandora’s Box. Suddenly there were over 70 different cases of sexual harassment spilled over the internet. Some of them were very big names in the industry.

Sexual Harassment Cases

Dota 2 caster, Tobiwan, is accused by several women and this simply obliterated his career. His voice lines are even removed from Dota 2 game. GrandGrant was another big figure that was in the files. All of these came in a matter of days. Later we have seen Method Josh getting accused by several females and one of them was apparently underage. These cases were disgusting. You can see some of the cases right here in this medium post. Some of these are disturbing to read, so please proceed with caution.

What is happening in Esports right now?

So what happened? Esports is male-dominated. This was the norm for the 90s and beginning of the 2000s since nearly all leagues were formed by males. Additionally, female gamers were even trying to conceal themselves while playing games because they know that as soon as they reveal their gender they would be mocked, ridiculed, harassed, and much more. Of course, now females have a foothold in the industry, but top places are still held by males. This makes esports a hard industry to survive for women. We hope that esports will have its #metoo movement because the industry needs to massive awareness to prevent further damage.

Here’s Alex’s (@2Alexmae5) Tweet long post concerning her experience with Method Josh:

Method Josh Sexual Harassment Twitter

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