Escape from Tarkov Is Not Immune To Cheaters

Escape from Tarkov Is Not Immune To Cheaters
  • Escape from Tarkov is one of the hottest games out there, topping the Twitch viewership charts at one point. But it’s definitely not immune to hackers. We discuss how hackers cheat the system in the game.

Escape From Tarkov is changing many things in the gaming world. Battlestate Games was able to captivate the gaming world with a new genre that brought on board some of the biggest streaming names in the industry. It’s essentially a survival game but with immense depth. This, combined with the use of modern weapons and tactical realism allowed many players to enjoy this game and get a different experience than the typical run & gun FPS game. However, the game is still in early access and getting updated regularly. One of the biggest concerns for the game is as Escape from Tarkov is that it hasn’t handled its cheating situation very well. Hackers are entering the game with wallhacks and making it non-playable.

We can see this by looking at websites that are selling these type of hacks for the game. There are hundreds of them and quite easy to get and use actually which is quite concerning. What better way to blow a kiss of death by flooding it with all types of usable hacks?

Here is how cheaters play Escape from Tarkov

When we are looking at a game like Escape from Tarkov we can see that your loot is more important than anything. It is the base of the game. This makes the game very exciting; the idea of losing your loot before extracting is getting your blood pumping. However, like every online shooter game, there are people who are ruining this experience. We all died at least once at the hands of a hacker. You might not even realize you died because someone was using an aimbot or wallhack until you’ve played the game enough times to realize something is off. Most of the time your gut isn’t wrong.

As we have said before that Escape from Tarkov cheating is getting out of hand. Let us take a look at this video, that was posted only last week ago and see the hacking in Escape from Tarkov from the cheater’s view.

As you can see this is insane and it includes everything. Aimbot, Wallhack, etc. Everything is present with this cheat. This account is still not even banned in the game. Battlestate Games needs to take an action regarding the Escape from Tarkov Cheating problem.

Cheating hindered a lot of game’s potential. Just take a look at Apex Legends. In the first months of the game, cheating was everywhere and eventually, people started to quit the game.

Esape From Tarkov Hackers
Battlestate Games

It is still early for Escape from Tarkov as the game is still getting updated, but we hope that before the release the developers will take a look into cheating problems in the game.

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