Epic Games Store Made GOATY Subnautica Free

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Source: Epic Games

Epic Games Store Made GOATY Subnautica Free

In tech news today; Epic Games and Unknown Worlds have collaborated with the Epic Games Store. The project is expected to make a big impact on the games market that was announced on December 6th.

It gives game developers many options considering the competition they have. For example, smaller cuts from the Epic games store, as low as low as 12% commission compared to 30% for Steam. On top of that, the Unreal Engine and the Unity Engine licensing fees are for free for developers.

This was a very interesting move by Epic Games, considering they are entering a market dominated by Steam. Therefore, many developers are already considering their games to appear in the Epic Games Store. With their partners, Epic is stating that they will give out a free game every two weeks.

source: unrealengine

The image is from https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/about

Epic Announcement

That being said, Epic Games Store’s first move was to put the winner of the Game of the Year by Golden Joystick Awards Subnautica on the market for free.

The game will be free until 27th of December. Above all Subnautica is a critically acclaimed game. The game is an underwater survival game. It was a very different game compared to other games of the Survival genre. As it involves underwater open world. The players are able to craft many items from the pieces they can find around. Furthermore making a hub that you can live in. Making discoveries with your handmade submarine. The game was a joy to play to be honest.

Steam vs. Epic Games Store

Many people are wondering now what can Epic Games do in a nearly dominated market by Steam. Some people are claiming that the move was bold. The commission being so low and the availability of using both of the game engines made by Epic Games. Big Indie games such as Super Meat Boy Forever will already be available only on Epic Games store for a year. Epic Games also announced two days ago that the developers will have access to their Cross-Platform-Play program.

Furthermore with the implementation of Support-a-Creator program Epic Games store gives a direct link between content creators and game developers. We will be seeing in the future which games will be involved with the Epic Games Store.

The link is down if you want the Game of the Year Subnautica to be in your arsenal.


Stay tuned for the upcoming news.


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