Epic cross platform tools now free for developers

Epic cross platform Announcement Video Game
Image courtesy of Epic Games

Epic makes announcement for developers who are struggling to get their games running on multiple platforms

Epic’s game “Fortnite” has become a global phenomenon since it’s inception, primarily because if the number of users that were consistently online in 2018.

Fortnite was launched for multiple devices and the introduction of a “Cross-Platform” game contributed to the increase in overall number of daily online players.

What is Cross Platform?

In 2018, Epic allowed mobile , Playstation, Xbox and PC users to squad up and play together. Allowing players from various platforms to host a party and play together is referred to as being a “Cross-Platform” game.

Epic has made a bold statement in the software sector by launching its own Epic app store just last week. Now Epic wants game developers who are making online multiplayer games, to use their tools. They have asked developers to “mix and match” their various cross-platform solutions to best suit their need.

In the end, is it just Epic vs Valve ? Or has Epic grown beyond that?

Valve has their own app market, now Epic has one.
Valve has provided access to their “matching making codes” , cloud storage and other such tools through Steamworks. Epic now offers Cross-Platform guidance.

Do you see what’s happening here?

Epic now offers an ecosystem for game developers to make and sell games, just like what Valve is doing. But now, cross platform tools is what developers are clearly struggling with . Cross platform tools include party hosting, multiple platform profile sync, in app purchases sync and much more, all these are critical tools in modern era game development.

Epic offers a larger revenue cut to it’s developers and now they’re offering it’s Cross-Platform tools to developers. Valve will definitely have to makes changes and introductions soon because it will be hard for developers to say “No” to using Epic new ecosystem.

As of now, Epic is building it’s own empire and is making huge announcements in the gaming industry week after week.

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