Days Gone Has A Lot of Bugs and Glitches. Users Come Up With Fixes.

Days Gone Has A Lot of Bugs and Glitches. Users Come Up With Fixes

Days Gone is set to release this Friday. Review copies of the game have been played by various testers, and lots of bugs and glitches have been reported. Will they be fixed in time of the release later this week?

Trouble for Days Gone?

Early reviewers of the game have been reporting many bugs for Days Gone. One Reddit user (source) put a list together of the bugs and glitches they have stumbled upon which seem to be experienced by other reviewers across the board. Although review copies of games will typically have bugs, they will be fixed before the actual release of the game. However, some users on social media and the Days Gone community on Reddit pointed out that there are many bugs which is abnormal for a game that will be released in less than 5 days.

List of Bugs

Here are some bugs found in Days Gone (source). The only way around some of the glitches is through auto-save.

1). The Player gets locked in Research Stations from ignoring enemies and dying inside the station. The game holds many research stations and this can be a major concern if the devs don’t fix it. They are also used as fast travel points; to gain upgrades for health, stamina, or focus. This glitch occurs when you successfully power up a station to open the doors. FIX: The only fix here is to load an autosave.

2). Motorcycle will randomly clip into the environment during the drive. This causes delay in travel, and the only way to combat this is through the systems auto-save. If you get stuck, just exit the game and you’ll spawn right where you left off. Another point: avoid leaving the bike on hills as it will slide down by itself.

4). Falling through the floor occurs randomly. It happens on foot or motorcycle. There is no fix for this bug, and the reviewer stated that the auto-save function did little to help.

5). “PhotoMode – This one may have already been fixed but theres a potential to get the photomode camera clipped inside of deacon and you cant move it at all. Just exit photomode a few times, or move to a different area. How Often – Again this may have been fixed with 1.2, but it was happen almost every-time entering Photomode and panning the camera around”.

6). Floating Head models – This bug doesn’t seem to happen all the time, but when it does it’s quite the distraction.

Days Gone Bugs Glitch Release Date Patch Update

Update 1.03 Should Fix it?

Many users on social media and Reddit have stated that an update of 1.02 has fixed many of the bugs above, however, the original poster of the bugs list has stated that the patch only fixed the “Photomode” issue.


Regardless of what was fixed in the 10.2 (including the download size), Sony Bend Studio are possibly releasing an update 1.03 for Days Gone which will most likely solve all the issues seen above.

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