Days Gone Bad. Streamer Experiences Popular Download Bug on PS4

Days Gone Bad. Streamer Experiences Popular Download Bug on PS4

 However, this time is was caught on live stream. Watch the painful experience below.

Who is BrownMan?

Ray Narvaez Jr is known online as BrownMan. He’s been streaming on Twitch since 2013 and before that has been producing video game guides. As he continued to stream several times a week, BrownMan took a leap of faith and quit his position at Achievement Hunter to stream full time. Since his departure, he’s been able to accumulate 450k followers on Twitch.

BrownMan focuses on Xbox One games and unlocking achievements. He has, however, started to play PlayStation 4 in which he was trying the new PS4 exclusive Days Gone. What seemed to be a simple task turned sour fairly quickly.

Days Gone Download Bug

One of the more recent bugs in Days Gone has been the download bug. Many media outlets have been reporting bugs and glitches in the game, and the developers have added patch updates for the game. However, it seems that new bugs continue to plague the new PS4 exclusive. Because of this, many sites have given harsh reviews of the game. Well, this recent bug is another downfall to a game that had a lot of potential. Not all is lost as the game is still quite popular among the PlayStation 4 community, and has a decent 50k viewership on Twitch which is above average (for example, Apex Legends only gets 30k on a good day).  This recent download bug can be seen below.

As BrownMan was waiting for the game to download, he knew that before he checked the status, Days Gone showed an almost full two bar completion. As he received a notification, he went to check the game and see if it was downloaded. At this point, he was sure the game was downloaded as it was near completed. But to his surprise, he experienced the download bug and Days Gone was at the start of the 2nd bar. For those who have the luxury of a good internet connection can download the game fast. However, those who don’t have ultra speed internet will need to wait a little longer. In this case, BrownMan said he had been downloading the game a day before, and that the game still hasn’t completed its download.

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We’ve all experience this frustration with the game. It’s as if there’s constant updates being pushed forward from the developers, thus causing this download bug. No one knows for sure, but we all feel BrownMan’s pain. Hopefully this bug will get fixed.

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