Craziest Nintendo Promo Ever Done? [Nintendo History]

Nintendo DS Promotion Mannequin Hand Touching is Good Contest 2004 System Prize

Nintendo has a long history is great promotions, advertising campaigns and incredible (and memorable) television commercial ads. But, is this the Craziest Nintendo Promo Ever Done?

Craziest Nintendo Promo

The Nintendo DS came out in late 2004. The only thing is that they didn’t have a slogan to work with. So in April 2005, Nintendo was coming up with ideas on how to promote the new handheld system.

Through the countless meetings, research, brain storming, sleepless nights at the office, Nintendo’s marketing team came up with the idea of mailing out mannequin hands with the campaign slogan “Touching is Good”.

Mannequin hand + “touching is good” would be a stretch to push out now in 2018 as society has evolved and something with a slogan “touching is good” can offend people nowadays :).

Campaign Roll Out

So how was this campaign rolled out?

Through various top tier gaming websites and forums, Nintendo spread the word of their “Touching Is Good” campaign where you could request a free mannequin hand on the website The idea was that you would receive the Nintendo mannequin hand and then take a picture that is “gaming related” and submit it on the website. Thousands of gamers requested the mannequin hand which came with instructions on what you had to do and where to submit your photos.

Eventually what happened was that Nintendo ran out of mannequin hands, in which they then provided a downloadable image (which they should have done in the first place) for you to use Photoshop and implement the mannequin hand in your pictures.

People were encouraged to submit weird pictures and was pretty much the battle of who could send the craziest mannequin hand picture.

Top 3 Winners

After all the photos were submitted, there were 3 winners to be chosen.

1st place got a Nintendo DS system with some games and $1k in cash.

The second place winner received a DS and $500 in cash…

and the third place winner also received a Nintendo DS and received $250.

No More Touching…

Unfortunately, the website “” does not exist anymore, but it was one of the Craziest Nintendo Promo ever done. Well, it does exist, but it’s not in relation to the Nintendo campaign, but rather a blog about health. Nonetheless, you can still see screenshots below from the old website and here’s a little piece taken from there:


…thrilling, exciting, fun, weird, interesting. Sometimes a bit taboo. It’s how we connect – with each other, the stuff around us and now, our games. Here, we celebrate the most under appreciated of your five senses. We make contact. We get in touch with touching. Because with the Nintendo DS, touching is good.

Fortunately there three winning photos are still obtainable through Way Back Machine and they are also included below. Hope you enjoyed this piece of Nintendo History!

Grand Prize Winner was a video submission below for the Craziest Nintendo Promo.

The winners are in the images.

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