Chiquitae126 – First Woman Drafted into NBA 2K League

Chiquitae126 Chiquita Evans First Woman Drafted into NBA 2K League
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Chiquita Evans, who goes by her gamer name Chiquitae126, became the first woman drafted into the NBA 2K League.

Who is Chiquitae126?

Chiquita Evans, aka “Chiquitae126” is a professional NBA 2k League player who has just been drafted by the Warriors Gaming esports. Chiquitae126 made headlines being the first woman drafted into the NBA 2K League. Some fans in the community were asking what took so long for this to happen.

According to ESPN, Chiquita Evans will make between $33,000 to $37,000 per season which includes benefits and team housing. Being one of the 126 players in the league, this is a dream come true for the talented NBA SK player.

In a league dominated by men, Chiquita Evans was one of only two women who qualified in the League draft, and the odds of her being picked were stacked against her. However, Warriors Gaming recognized her talent and seized the opportunity to add her to the esports family.

Touching Moment

Chiquitae126 was patiently waiting, in hopes of being drafted to one of the NBA 2k esports organizations. As timed passed, Chiquitae126 grew more weary of missing out the 2019 season. In round 4 of the draft, Chiquitae126 was the #56 pick, being the first woman drafted at the NBA 2k League. Not only has a large barrier been broken, but she has just set the stage for many other female NBAn 2k players who probably didn’t have the confidence to continue to persue their dream of being part of the great league. As Chiquita Evans name was called, she received the loudest applause from the crowd as it was a breaking moment in the leagues history.

When she was picked by the Warriors, Chiquita stood up right away, shaking the hands of her family members and approaching the stage in such a calm manner. But everyone watching knew what a special moment this was, not just for the league, but for Chiquita herself. Her hard work over the years has finally paid off. She never gave up on her dream and it was telling during the immediate interview following her pick.

Tears of Glory

Was asked how she’s feeling, in she replied “I feel blessed.“, but before she was able to finish her sentence, her she became emotional. With her teary eyes, everyone knew how hard she worked to get to that point.

She was then asked, “How do you think you can help your team this upcoming year?

“By being the best teammate that I can be. Whatever role the team need me to be is what I’m going to be.”

The NBA 2k League has just become more competitive by adding Chiquitae126 to the mix, and we’re sure she’s going to do well throughout the NBA 2K 2019 season.

Chiquitae126 Chiquita Evans drafted 56 Round 4 in NBA 2K Draft
Image source: @WarriorsGaming

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