Borderlands 3 Gameplay Shows We’re In for An Epic FPS Game

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Revealed

We have waited for this moment for 7 years. Finally, we have a look at the new Borderlands 3. With the recent gameplay released today, FPS lovers will be in for a much anticipated revival to the multiplayer scene. 

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Revealed

Borderlands is one of the most iconic games of our age. It is hard to believe that Borderlands started back in 2009. The Borderlands series is known for their amazing story, unique graphics, interesting characters and thousands of loot. Borderlands was an amazing example of an RPG mixed with a FPS game. We have seen Borderlands 2 around 2012. That game received amazing reception from both gamers and critiques. The game was a great example of a story driven well-written RPG but left the players wanting more. Some players claimed that 30 hours of gameplay was not enough the game could have been far longer.

However, after 7 years of waiting here, we have Borderlands 3. The trailer was actually announced several weeks ago. But there was no actual gameplay. However, we saw some amazing things like a gun with legs. Borderlands was always known for its humorous writing and interesting additions to the game. So what does Borderlands 3 have in store for us today?



Borderlands 3 Features

Billion Guns
Yes, you have read it right. Borderlands 3 offers a billion guns. Generally, these guns will be randomly generated by the system. Therefore there are amazing things like a gun that you start like a lawnmower or an RPG that shoots hamburgers; it’s all in there. Also, there are guns like that does elemental damage, for example, burn your enemies or throw acid on them and much more. Explosions are the part of the Borderlands 3 universe so expect lots of them. There will be revolvers that shoot bombs or even guns that you can you use as bombs after you are finished with them. Borderlands 3 has it all.

Borderlands 3 Gun Weapon Vladof
Source: Gearbox Software

More weapons can be found here.

Spaceship Base

Borderlands 3 will have a spaceship base. This will allow players to travel to different locations or even to different planets. This is a new feature we never had something like this before. The gameplay seems like the original graphics are maintained but got a little bit more futuristic at the same time. There are familiar characters on your spaceship and even a Bar. Moxxi’s Bar is making a return inside your spaceship. You can decorate your own room with your favorite guns and even access to the Crazy Earl’s Black Market from the spaceship.

New Locations

As we have said before players will be able to travel to different planets. Gearbox Software stated that these planets will be very different from one another. You will be fighting in the desert in one and in another one you are inside of a Metropolis. The players will have the option to visit places they have visited before. Tons of replayability in your hands. Here’s some more gameplay from today.

Skill Trees

Borderlands 3 is an RPG and this means skill trees. However, they did not hold back with the skill trees. This time, skill trees will give you gameplay options like throwing a decoy to pull enemy fire away from you while you heal. There are many skills that you can choose and customize your gameplay.

Season Pass

Borderlands 3 will have a Season Pass system. We do not know how much it will be but there will be a season pass system. This system will offer 4 DLC packs with new missions, challenges, and storyline additions.


Borderlands 3 is covering you up also on that front. There are many vehicles in the game like regular bungies, jeeps and even monocycles.

Co-Op is Available

One of the most expected features for many gamers is the Co-Op experience. Borderlands 3 will have up to 4 player Co-Op ability. On top of this, the devs over at Gearbox Software is planning to make the game crossplay available, however, there is nothing confirmed on that part yet. They stated that the main problem is loot balancing between two different level of  players. For example, a level 5 player will have different stats for their gun than a level 35 player. Also since the loot is the most amazing aspect of the game they need to tweak it a little.

Prices of Editions

The standard version of the game will be $60, however, there are more. The second one is $80 pack which has a Retro Cosmetic Pack, a Gearbox Cosmetic Pack, a Toy Box Weapons Pack, and  XP and loot drop boost mods. The $100 edition unlocks a “Butt Stallion weapon skin, weapon trinket, and grenade mod” additional to these. Also includes the season pass featuring four DLC packs made up of with new missions and story progression. The top tier edition $250 edition includes some actual real-life items, including a cloth map, Borderlands figurines, and a Sanctuary 3 ship model.

Claptrap Makes a Return 

Claptrap is a fan favorite, and the most annoying sidekick is making a return with Borderlands 3. The game will feature claptrap as before on top of it there are also emotes added to the game.


There are several news in this front as expected. You can hijack enemy vehicles and use them. Also remember when we run away for health regen, this time try to go a very safe location because Borderlands 3 covers are destructible. This will make the gameplay far more intense. But one thing that we have noticed in the gameplay reveal today was that the game played incredibly smooth, something we haven’t seen much in FPS games. Newer games like Apex Legends have some harsh movements, especially in the stifling. With Borderlands 3, there’s an arcade-like feel to it which brings us back to the earlier First Person Shooter games of the early 2000’s.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

Borderlands 3 release date is September 13, 2019. Gearbox like most of the big publishers these days choose to go ahead with the Epic Store. Borderlands 3 will be available exclusively to the Epic Store until April 2020. Borderlands 3 will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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