Amazon Game Studios New World is A New Approach To MMORPG

Amazon Game Studios New World is A New Approach To MMORPG

In the last decade, MMO’s did not have much to be happy about. MMORPG games started to lose players, especially with the Battle Royale games introduction. Also, these games require huge budgets to maintain. World of Warcraft is the most popular MMO game out there lost many players in the last decade. The same could be said about Elder Scrolls Online. This is normal because these games are growing older and AAA MMO budgets are out of this world. Most of the companies will not even try to enter this market. However, there is one company that can at least have the budget to try this. Amazon‘s New World might be the next big MMORPG.


New World is modeled after the mid 17th century. The game takes place in the fictional land called Aeternum and this land is rich in a powerful substance called Azoth. The place is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Generations of explorers fell to this power and changed becoming evil. The players will try to colonize the massive open world. The game has PvE content as well as PvP. Players have to live in a hostile environment. There are no classes in the game. Which in our opinion will make the professions more important. Players can craft buildings and weapons and armor. There is also creating houses in the game. The PvP battles are 50v50. Players can form social units like guilds called companies and try to colonize more and more land. You will be under constant threat from other players and the environment.

Players are looking for a powerful substance. Which if found you can create magical weapons and armor. The player will be able to govern the land and even collect taxes. Governing the land through your companies is important and players will be able to even create cannons for their walls. The fighting is apparently Souls game like fighting. In the game leveling is different. A level 30 player can destroy a level 40 player. Weapons have skill trees instead of characters. Players can create and quick slot their items.  The developers announced that they are trying to create the most beautiful graphics possible.

Amazon Game Studio New World Map
Source: Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios’ New World can hopefully give a spin to the MMORPG genre. When we are looking at we can see the visuals are great. However, there are some doubts over the gameplay mostly due to the untested development team. But do not think that the development team is incapable most of the developers have worked on a lot of projects. But still, as a studio they are untested. Amazon New World is expected to release in May 2020.

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