All Eridian Slab Locations In Borderlands 3

All Eridian Slab Locations In Borderlands 3

30 Eridian Slab locations  Beach Parties locations spread across the Fortnite map, here is where to find them in the game.

All Eridian Slab Locations In Borderlands 3

With the release of Borderlands 3, players have been trying to complete as many trophies as they can. From the trophy guide, we’ve already seen the Tip Moxxi trophy challenge where players needed to tip at least $100 in the tip jar at the Moxxxi Bar. Additionally, players were able to build the legendary Jakobs one pump chump shotgun. The next in line is the Tales from the Eridian Slab trophy list where players need to decode all 30 Borderlands Eridian slabs.

Where are the Eridian Slabs in Borderlands 3?

There are 30 Eridian Slab locations across the Borderlands 3 planets that you’ll need to collect to unlock the trophy and pass the challenge. Players need to decode the Eridian Slabs in the “Tales from The Eridian Slab” challenge. The first thing you’ll need to do is get an Eridian Decoder which is part of one of the vault rewards in Chapter 19,

After you get the Eridian decoder, you can then find the Eridian slab locations in the game as they will appear at any point in the game after collecting the decoder. Every Eridian Slab you decode in Borderlands will reward you 25 Eridium. If you are able to decode all 30 Eridian Slabs, you will unlock the Tales from the Eridian Slab” trophy list.

where are the Eridian Slabs in Borderlands 3

Below are all 30 locations for the slabs in Borderlands, just make sure to take note of the planets you need to visit.

A). Planet Pandora

#1 The Droughts
#2 The Droughts
#3 Ascension Bluff
#4 Devil’s Razor
#5 Devil’s Razor
#6 The Splinterlands
#7 Carnivora
#8 Guts of the Carnivora
#9 Konrad’s Hold
#10 Cathedral of the Twin Gods
#11 Destroyer’s Rift

B). Promethea

#12 Meridian Outskirts
#13 Meridian Metroplex
#14 Lectra City
#15 Skywell-27
#16 Atlas HQ
#17 Neon Arterial

C0. Planet Athenas

#18 Athenas

D). Planet Eden-6

#19 Floodmoor basin
#20 Floodmoor basin
#21 The Anvil
#22 Jakobs Estate
#23 Voracious Canopy
#24 Ambermire
#25 Ambermire
#26 Blackbarrel Cellars

E0. Planet Nekrotafeyo

#27 Desolation’s Edge
#28 Desolation’s Edge
#29 Tazendeer Ruins
#30 The Pyre of Stars

Video of Locations of Slabs

Here’s Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of All Eridian Slab Locations:

Lastly, if the trophy achievement doesn’t unlock after getting all Eridian slabs, then you’ll need to restart the game and just interact with one slab to get it to pop on the screen.

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