xQc Qualifies for the Fortnite World Cup

A magical moment happened during xQc’s Fortnite Battle Royale stream. It seems like the Fortnite gods were looking over him.

xQc Qualifies for the Fortnite World Cup

With one of the biggest prize pools on the line, everyone is trying to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. Popular streamers like Ninja and Tfue have been showing off their skills while going to the qualifier rounds. xQc, another popular Fortnite Streamer was also attempting to make it to the Fortnite World Cup qualifier sessions as he’s been playing a lot of Fortnite lately.

Qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup is not easy. We just recently saw Dr Disrespect have his best rage ever as he continued to play in order to qualify as well. It seems like xQc was having the same issues, dying constantly as he was ranking up.

Rage Leads to Qualifying?

During one xQc’s streams, he just eliminated an opponent in a stairwell of a building. Things were looking good finally for xQc as his viewers were seeing the popular stream try to rank up as high as he could. But match after match he was getting eliminated early. Once he eliminated an opponent his face was filled with relief. However, this happened.

As soon as
Immediately after, xQC gets eliminated by someone who was right above him. The other player was in xQC’s blind spot and he was totally surprised by the elimination. xQc placed #59 and was extremely mad. He exited the game and started to scream in the mic, calling the player garbage. Then, a magical moment happened. Out of no where, xQc recieved the “Congratulations!” screen.

“You’re invited to participate in this weekend’s tournament.

Important reminder: Two-Factor Authentication is REQUIRED to participate. Please enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Epic Games account now.”

This magically moment was caught on screen, and xQc didn’t know what to say.; What he has been working for so long has finally come; qualifying for the Fortnite World cup sessions. At first, xQc had no words, and just threw his hands in the air. What seemed like a hopeless cause turned into glory in a split second.

Is this Legit?

As xQc was celebrating, he turned back to him computer screen to check if this invitation was legit. He went to the main menu and checked his status, he was happy to see that he unlocked the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Session 1. It’s a moment that no one understood, not even in xQc’s chatbox. As everyone was left confused, xQc then went right back into the Fortnite matches to get some more games in. It seems like the Fortnite gods were watching over him.

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