Will Fortnite Chapter 1 Map Return?

Will Fortnite Chapter 1 Map Return
  • Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 started a while ago. It brought new items, weapons, skins, and a new map. The question is, will the Fortnite Chapter 1 map return?

Fortnite players wanted nothing more than a map update. For seasons on end, players and even streamers like Tfue were asking for a new map. We have seen Fortnite going through 10 seasons with the same old. This created a lot of problems for the player base. On one hand, Fortnite was updating its map on a regular basis, changing buildings and sections around. But on the other hand, it was still the same old map. The Fortnite community would continue to bring up the topic of a map change, and it seems with the help of Apex Legends, a new map would be introduced in the next chapter. Perhaps it was Epic Games plan to introduce a new map with its new chapter, but considering that Apex Legends was only in its 3rd season and already had a brand new map, the pressure was on for Fortnite. Additionally PUBG added 3 maps since the release and they are adding another map soon.

But then Fortnite Chapter 2 came. Chapter 2 map was a good change of scenery. The event leading to it created a lot of hype around the game. The new map came, however, the old map was completely removed from the game. Epic Games did this change to not divide the player base. But some of the players are thinking that the Fortnite Chapter 1 map should return. Most notably popular content creator Ali-A announced that he wants the old map back even as an LTM.

Epic Games

Apex Legends is doing this for payers for LTM’s and why shouldn’t Fortnite do it. But as far as we know there are currently no works for the Fortnite Chapter 1 map to return. Epic Games is very strict about the changes coming to the game.

On another hand today we have a big update coming to the game. Fortnite did not get updated for more than a month now. This is insane for Fortnite standards. Generally, we have seen bi-weekly updates for the game. This created expectations from the players for the game. Even though the game has changed a lot since Season 1 weekly updates were a very big source of understanding how the game is evolving. Also for some time, Epic Games stopped sharing the Patch notes for the updates. They have only started to share the update news after getting nominated for the Game Awards 2019 for community Support. We would want to see the old Fortnite map making a comeback even though just as an LTM.

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