Why You Need To Get Fortnite Lucky Coins St Patrick’s Items

Fortnite Lucky Coins st patrick

From Fortnite Lucky Coins back Bling to Raining Doubloons Emote, this why you can’t miss out.

St Patrick’s holiday marks a special day for Fortnite fans. Players have a chance to purchase some of the rarest items in the shop. There is no doubt that every Fortnite fan has, at least once, Googled the term: “Rarest Fortnite skins”. Unlike other holidays, that span over longer periods, St Patrick’s day comes and goes in a flash and so does its Fortnite featured items. If you want to stand without spending too much, the Fortnite lucky coins set is your chance. Here is why you need to get them.


Unlike Christmas, Halloween and Easter, St Patrick day Fortnite Items have a very short shelf life. If you miss your chance you are done until next year. Let’s roll back the clock to last year, St-Patrick day March 15 2018, and see exactly what was in the Fortnite Item Shop:

Fortnite Daily Shop St-Patrick 2018
only 2 St Patrick day Items in 2018

Although the old shop only had 2 featured items, there was not much to purchase. The sgt Green Soldier is back this year and so is the Pot O’ Gold Pickaxe. What is important to notice are these 2 items were only featured for last year’s St Patrick weekend and never returned until now.

Fortnite Lucky Coins Bling and Raining Doubloons Emote

Rare Fortnite Items

For 2019, Epic picked up their game with the amazing addition of Lucky Coins and Raining Doubloons. Lucky Rider and the Emerald Smasher are also new editions this year. With the Lucky Rider skin being a pricey 1,500 vbucks, your best bet to purchase a rare item that won’t return again, is the Lucky coins and Doubloons Emote. For 700 Vbucks you can get both, a much cheaper investment for players who don’t like to spend. You are getting a once a year item without breaking bank.

New Fortnite Players

St Patrick day of 2018 fell in the middle of Fortnite Season 3. While the game was gaining massively in popularity, the bulk of its new players had yet to start playing. When did you start playing? Where you even around to see the Fortnite Items for St Patrick’s day 2018? Many players are not aware how rare these items are and that they probably won’t show up again.

Although Game Life does not usually review Fortnite Items, when something very unique hits the shop, it merits to be mentioned so players can be made aware. If you want rare bling and skins, this weekend is your chance.

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