Who Won The Fight Between The Robot and Monster? [Fortnite Event]

Who Won The Fight Between The Robot and the Monster [Fortnite Event]

The Fortnite Battle Royale Cattus vs. Doggus Event is done. The question is, who won the fight between the Robot and the Monster?

Who Won The Fight Between The Robot and the Monster? [Fortnite Event]

Fortnite Battle Royale Events continue. Epic Games enjoys these moments as well as players because they get to see how excited the Fortnite community gets. These events give the opportunity to the players to be included in the game’s lore. However, due to the Fortnite World Cup Finals, we will not be seeing another event for some time. This is perfectly fine considering Epic Games has done a great job with its 14 Days of Summer Event. The last event before the World Cup was the Cattus vs. Doggus event or Robot vs. Monster event. The anticipation leading up to the event was huge considering players were obsessed with the Robot at Pressure Plant and the Ice Monster. The potential theories suggested a new map might be coming to the game however this was proven wrong now that the event is concluded.

Cattus vs. Doggus

So what happened at the event? Well, players witnessed the giant Monster, Cattus, emerging from the sea to Fortnite Island. The Monster started to create havoc on the map, especially around Loot Lake. However, as soon as he was noticed by the Robot we have seen the first encounter between these two giant beings. As the Robot left his depository at PRessure Plant, he was face to face with the large monster and shot several rockets at it. Even though the monster was hurt a little, we did not see any particular damage done.

Then the Monster hit the Robot with a laser coming from its mouth. This also did not do a lot of damage. However, the Robot started to run towards the monster with a magnificent hit, and tackled him into the sea. It was thought the battle was done when the Robot started to walk back. However, the monster came from behind and pinned him down; ripping the left arm of the Robot. The robot was damaged and left with only one arm. However, as the monster started to run towards him he pulled something from the Loot Lake and hit a magnificent uppercut to the Monster. Later the Robot Pulled a sword and eliminated the monster with a stab through the head.

Therefore, the Robot won the fight and did a small Victory Dance. Right now there is a bit monster skeleton in the map though. You can watch the whole fight from here.

Some players in the community are saying that the skull of the monster is very similar to Skull Town in Apex Legends, and that Epic Games took the idea from there. Regardless of what assumptions come up, the Doggus VS Cattus event was awesome, and players enjoyed 5 minutes of amazing animation. Next stop? The Fortnite World Cup.

The Robot and Monster Event
SourceL Epic Games

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