Who Did It Better? Ninja or Tfue? [Comparison of Thumbnails]

Who Did It Better Ninja or Tfue [Comparison]
Image source: Nina YT / Tfue YT

The two most popular Fortnite Battle Royale streamers in the world are Ninja and Tfue. They have a long history in the game and have recently traded shots in-game, posting their clips on their YouTube channel. The question is, who did it better? Who had a better thumbnail? Ninja or Tfue?

Tfue’s Rise in Fortnite Gets Ninja’s Attention

Turner Tenney, also known by his gamer name Tfue is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the world. He plays under the FaZe Clan organization. Tfue is a full time streamer that creates content for FaZe Clan, and also plays competitively. However, he recently announced that he wouldn’t be participating in any future Fortnite competitions. He currently has close to 6 million Twitch followers and over 10 million YouTube subscribers. If you visit his YouTube channel, don’t be fooled by his baby picture as his avatar. Tfue is actually a beast when it comes to playing Fortnite and won’t take pity on you. With all this said, Tfue  didn’t get all of his followers in one one. It took hard work and dedication to continuously stream and show his viewers that he’s one of the best in the world. When he joined FaZe Clan in 2018, his YouTube subscriber counter was 65,000. It’s a large number by any means, but to square off with the big boys Tfue would have to show he’s the best each and everyday, which he did.

He proved his worth when he broke the solo world kill record in Feb 2018 with 29 kills in a single game (source). Later that year, he broke another record with 54 eliminations in squads (source). Breaking records like this goes public very fast. By that point, Ninja already knew who Tfue was, and it was only a matter of time before they would battle each other in Fortnite.

Ninja vs Tfue – 3-0 Record (Fortnite)

Throughout 2018, Ninja and Tfue have met a number of times, each time giving fans exactly what they were hoping for; a battle of the titans. They two met three times, and all three times Tfue won the fights. Here’s a clip of all three fights between Tfue and Ninja:

In the video, the creator added a H1Z1 count which is a completely different game, hence the reason we say 3-0.

2019 – A New Year

In the new year, things have changed. A few months back, Tfue and Ninja met again for the first time in 2019 where Tfue got the better of Ninja. You can watch the clip here. Tfue would be 1-0 against Ninja in 2019 (4-0 overall). Although there wasn’t any controversy before hand (with exception to people creating YouTube videos comparing the two), Tfue decided to upload the clip to YouTube with an interesting thumbnail. The thumbnail shows an animated drawing of Tfue punching Ninja. The video was titled “Tfue vs Ninja, it happened again“. The act was obviously a jab at Ninja, which created buzz around the community.

But, as things looked to have settled down, Ninja got his sweet revenge against Tfue earlier this week by finally killing him (without Tfue eliminating himself from fall damage). Watch the video clip below.

As Ninja eliminated Tfue, he said, “I got to put that on my YouTube channel. Making my thumbnail of me knocking him out like did to me last time.” Now that both have killed each other in the new year, we’ll call is a draw currently in 2019. This brings up the next question, who did the thumbnail better?

Who Did It Better? Ninja or Tfue? [Comparison]

Ninja eliminated Tfue a few days ago, and then said he was going to make a thumbnail like Tfue did to him. So now that both Fortnite pros finally put something together, the question is, who did it better? Ninja or Tfue?

Let’s take a look at Tfue’s thumbnail first.

Tfue VS Ninja Fortnite Battle Royale Kill Eliminated Rival
Source: Tfue YouTube

Tfue’s thumbnail if impressive. Not only does he capture a very intense moment between him and Ninja, but he adds the minor details such as the “Red Bull” bandanna that Ninja can be seen wearing a lot of the times, the beautiful cloudy blue sky, and the neat flaming gloves. Red Bull sponsors Ninja, and typically other streamers would leave that small detail out for a few reasons. Not only that, Tfue’s character in the picture has a semi-mean look. Is he trying to say that he doesn’t really hate Ninja? Do take note that Ninja had a black eye, and blood dripping from his mouth. This means that Tfue punched Ninja more than once in this picture which is quite interesting.

On the other side, Ninja’s thumbnail depicts the same action, punching Tfue out.

Ninja vs Tfue Fortnite Battle Royale Kill Eliminated Rival
Source: Ninja YouTube

In Ninja’s version, it looks fresh, clean, and hows Ninja in a happier state. One of the main differences already is that Tfue does not have a black eye, and no blood dripping down from his mouth. However, Tfue’s face is rather on the reddish side. Could this also mean that Ninja was punching him more than once in this picture? Additionally, the sky is a lot cleaer in Ninja’s thumbnail instead of Tfue. Is Ninja trying to say that he is “clearly” the better Fortnite player? As well, Ninja looks to have a confident look in this thumbnail, possibly saying he knows exactly what he is doing. With his bright red boxing gloves could also mean an exclamation mark on the whole rivalry.

There’s a lot that can be read between the lines here. The subliminal message is strong in these thumbnails. So who’s the clear winner? Who had the better thumbnail picture?

Our verdict?

After close examination of the two, we believe that it’s a draw between the two. As much as some might not be happy with that verdict, both know how to make a very good thumbnail, which will attract just about anyone.

In All Honesty

However, despite Tfue’s kill some months back, and Ninja’s recent kill, we do believe that there isn’t much hate between the two. Both are amazing Fortnite players. Ninja has done so much for the game, and so has Tfue. They’ve helped grow the community and make it stronger. Heck, both even played together in squads and kicked butt. So there’s definitely no bad blood between the two.   We’ll leave this piece with some words directly from Tfue, which he said during his reaction to a video put together by KSI (source).

“I have nothing but good things to say about Ninja, Tyler. He’s a good friend of mine. A lot of people like to throw hate on him which doesn’t make any sense. What he’s done for Fortnite and esports and just gaming as all, honestly, he’s done so much so I have nothing but respect and good things to say about Ninja.”

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