Where To Watch The Fortnite World Cup

Where To Watch The Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup will be happening on July 26th to July 28th, and tickets have sold out for the biggest esports event in history. Here is where to watch the Fortnite World Cup if you can’t attend.

Where To Watch The Fortnite World Cup

With less than two weeks before the biggest esports event in history, fans are preparing themselves the Fortnite World Cup weekend. For most fans, going to Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City isn’t an option. However, there is a second best option which is to watch the matches in the comfort of your own home. There are a bunch of options to watch the event online and we’ll go over them below.

Official Fortnite Twitch Channel

The best way to catch all the action of the World Cup is to check out the official Fortnite Twitch channel. Depending on how busy the stream will be for this historic event, Fortnite might stream on additional channels as is the case with Call of Duty majors. Either Fortnite Twitter will announce additional streams or the information will be displayed on the “Description” section of the Fortnite Twitch channel. The reason for more channels would be to reduce lag for viewers.

Official Fortnite Twitch Channel for World Cup
Multitwitch.tv Fortnite

If Fortnite does offer additional channels due to the nature of the competition (time constraints and preferred players), another good site to check out multiple matches on one screen would be to watch the Fortnite World Cup at Multitwitch. For additional Fortnite streams, you would add it at the end of the url with a backslash:

They have a dedicated Fortnite section on their site, and if there are more channels it will be displayed there. Additionally, you can add your favorite players all in one screen as well. So, for example, your favorite players are TSM Daequan, tfue, and dakotaz, you’d plug in their channels in the same URL to watch them all on one screen. Example below:

  • http://multitwitch.tv/tsm_daequan/dakotaz/tfue

All you need to do is plug in the Twitch account name of your favorite player and just add a backslash at the end (up to 4 players/channels). This way you’ll be able to capture all your favorite streamers in one screen to get a perspective from all of them.

To give you a better understanding of multistream, here’s an exert taken from the site:

“MultiTwitch will optimize the layout of streams to give you the maximum size on each of the streams, while maintaining aspect ratio. For the curious, the source of this page is available at github.com/bhamrick/multitwitch. Happy streamwatching!”

Fortnite YouTube

Alternatively, you can watch the Fortnite World Cup matches Fortnite’s official YouTube channel, however, you’d be limited to just the main stream:

Currently, there is no section for the World Cup, however, on the start day (July 26) they will have the dedicated channel open.

Additional Places to Catch the Fortnite World Cup

If you’re a Facebook person, then you can catch the games on Fortnite’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FortniteGame/

As well, if you’re not able to watch the matches because you’re away from your computer, you can still watch the matches on your mobile phone, or, you can follow the live updates on Fortnites Official Twitter account.

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