Where Are The Fortnite Graffiti Covered Billboards Locations [Spray And Pray Challenge]

Where Is The Fortnite Graffiti Covered Billboards [Spray And Pray Challenge]

Fortnite Graffiti Covered Billboards locations can be found at two spots on the Fortnite map. Here is where to find both of them in the game.

Fortnite Graffiti Covered Billboards Locations

Epic Games continues strong with their Fortnite updates after introducing season 10. Every day Epic Games is either updating their game so that players will have a good experience. However, some may argue that with the introduction of “BRUTE”, a mechanical robot that players can control, it has made things frustrating in-game. While Epic Games is figuring out a fix for that (probably by nerfing the mech), they continue with new challenges such as this Fortnite graffiti covered billboards locations.

This challenge is brought by the Fortnite Spray & Spray. It consists of visiting two large graffiti banner displays to complete the Fortnite billboard location challenge. There are many places on the map that the giant billboards can be found, but in the video below you’ll see exactly where you need to go to find the giant graffiti billboards in Fortnite.

Where are the Graffiti Covered Billboards in Fortnite

There are Graffiti Covered Billboards spread across the new Fortnite map, and you’ll need to find only two of them in order to fulfill the challenge. A good start is to go to land at Fata Fields, which is close to where the Fortnite Graffiti billboards are at. You only need to find two of them. Again, since the two locations are so close together, there will be a lot of enemies nearby. It’s best that you land on the outside where the billboards are located and work your way in, letting everyone else fight themselves. If you’re brave enough, you could glide at Salty Springs where you’ll be closer to the giant graffiti billboard banners.

Here are the locations of the Fornite billboards

1. You will need to glide down between Salty Springs and Shifty Shafts (Coordinates on map is E-7).
2. The second billboard is right above Shifty Shafts in the snow section of the FN map (Coordinates on the map is D-7).
Graffiti Covered Billboard in fortnite
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of Fortnite Graffiti Covered Billboards Locations:

Season 10 continues with more challenges as we see the use of spray cans around the Fortnite map. Epic Games wants to keep it cool and hip and going around to find the graffiti’s can be hard if you don’t have direction. But because the Fortnite banners are close by to each other, it makes it easier for players to complete the spray & pray challenge.

Other Challenges

Epic Games has put out the spray and pray challenges, which will keep players busy for about a week until something else comes. But so far players have their hands full with all the challenges they will need to accomplish before overtime kicks in. Before the s & p challenge, there were the road trip missions which had players go around the map to find stop signs and obscure objects. Good Luck to all and enjoy the Fortnite Billboards Covered with Graffiti.

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