Where Is Claptrap Missing Eye In Fortnite? [Pandora Challenge]

Where Is Claptrap Missing Eye In Fortnite [Pandora Challenge]
  • Part of the new Fortnite Pandora Challenge requires you to find Claptrap’s eye and bring it back to him. Here are the locations of the missing eye and Clap.

Where Is Claptrap Missing Eye In Fortnite?

The new Fortnite challenge is the Pandora challenge which is all about the collaboration with Borderlands. Season X is continuing to go strong and challenges continue to come out on a weekly basis. Epic Games hasn’t slowed down even with the controversy with their BRUTE introduction. As well, there is a weekly challenge for players to participate which is the Secret Star Banners Challenge. In today’s challenge is the Fortnite Claptrap challenge. Players need to find Claptrap’s eye and bring it back to him.

Fortnite gives players clues and hints on where to find the missing Fortnite eye of Claptrap. There are only two locations where you need to go which makes the challenge a little less stressful to complete.

Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye

The challenge requires players to do two trips on the Fortnite map. The first trip is to find the missing eye of Claptrap, and the next it to bring it to him.

To find the Fortnite eye, you need to go South of the desert. There are a few buildings in the area where you need to go to a two-story metal building near the water tower. Clap’s eye is in front of the TV. There’s a meter count on your screen where you can see how close you are to the eye. Once you collect Claptrap’s eye, you can deliver it to him.

Locations of Claptrap in Fortnite

To find Claptrap after you’ve found his eye, you need to go deliver it to him. Here is Claptrap’s location in Fortnite:

1). Claptrap is located in front of the Welcome To Pandora sign. Exact location: G-9
Fortnite Claptrap Missing Eye
Video of Locations

Here’s the video guide to show you where to find the missing eye and where claptrap location is:

FN Challenges

Once you’ve completed this Pandora challenge alongside the All Fortnite Vault Symbols Locations, there are other challenges you might want to take a look at such as the ones from past weeks below. This is the complete list of all Season 10 challenges so far:

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The collaboration with Borderlands is exciting for both players in each game as it expands gamers to try and discover the other game. If Fortnite was able to partner with Borderlands, that means there will be other games in the future that Fortnite will work with. This is exciting for players to explore different gams. Good Luck to all and enjoy the Fortnite Claptrap challenge!

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