When You Kill The Best Player in Fortnite

Image courtesy of BertTheHurt Twitter/FaZe

BertTheHurt had the best reaction when he killed Tfue in a Fortnite Battle Royale match. Find out what he did.

When You Kill The Best Player in Fortnite

It’s late 2018 and the title of “Best Fortnite Player” changes hands every so often. We have players like Ninja who was regarded as the best Fortnite player for a long time, then Myth and DrLupo.

Well a new star has emerged and his name is Tfue. He is currently one of the most popular Fortnite players out there. Since joining Team FaZe back in April, his brand has only gotten bigger and he continues to win fans worldwide.

Who is BertTheHurt?
Image Courtesy of BertTheHurt Twitter Page

On the other hand, you have players that are great at Fortnite, but not highly recognizable, such as BertTheHurt. His Twitch channel only has 2,521 followers as of this writing. To you and I that’s a lot of followers. To someone like Tfue, he’s a small fish in the sea.

To compare, Tfue has 3,775,698 more followers than BertTheHurt.

I get it, they are incomparable. But, that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to playing Fortnite. Even the best die and they aren’t invincible.


What happens when you kill the best player in Fortnite?

Trained Composure?

This is what happens when you kill Tfue:

Killed Tfue in Fortnite Battle Royale Esports BertTheHurt
Image courtesy of Twitch.tv/BertTheHurt

Complete composure. A poker face like no other. Not only did BertTheHurt kill the best Fortnite player in the world (let alone being in the same server as him), but he kept all of his composure! Perhaps it was because he had a bunch of viewers watching and he wanted to keep his cool, or perhaps he doesn’t have that type of personality to jump for joy.

No one will know for sure, but BertTheHurt killed Tfue, the best Fortnite player in the world like a boss. He kept his cool, eliminated “Not Tfue” and went on with his game.

Pure class.

Finishing up

At the end of the video you can hear BertTheHurt say “I got Tfue” while someone in the background says “Did you?”….

“Yup” says BertTheHurt.

Now I don’t know about any one of you, but I have had some pretty intense matches in my time, and when I’ve beaten some of the top players in the world I jumped for joy and celebrated it. Of course I was quite young :). It’s still impressive to see someone who killed the best Fortnite player in the world keep his cool like BertTheHurt. Hats off to you mate.

Video Clip of BertTheHurt Killing the Best Fortnite Player:

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