When Will Fortnite Be Back?

When Will Fortnite Come Back
  • A surprising turn of events happened over the weekend as Fortnite is gone. When will Fortnite come back? Players are expecting news any second.

Fortnite Battle Royale is in complete Blackout. Yesterday after The End event of Season 10, Fortnite was taken out from every social media platform and gaming channels such as Discord. Basically anywhere we have been there was no trace of the game. It was like it never happened. Of course, it is highly unlikely that Epic Games will stop to support the game. But The End came for the first chapter of Fortnite. Since we have completed 10 seasons, a symbolic number, also the players are asking for a new map. We believe this will happen.

According to leakers, we will be seeing the Fortnite Season 11 on Tuesday, October 15th. Although this leak is from a website code, we are sure that at least we will be seeing some news on that day.

Fortnite Season 10 destroyed the whole map millions watched it. There was no update or news from the game afterward. As we have said before even the official Discord channels are gone. 

This blackout is a very interesting move and players are intrigued by it because it creates an expectation. Without a doubt, everyone is trying to find out what will happen next.  The idea was a simple and genius one. We have never seen an inline game taking a break before but as thing, s are standing now Fortite Battle Royale is pioneering another move. Just like a build-up in a movie they are creating expectation and this is amazing. Their marketing genius is showing once again how good they are at their job. Season 11 is probably going to be called chapter 2 according to leakers. This might mean that we will be seeing a new chapter every 10 seasons. This means that Epic Games is trying to make a game that will last for a long time. 

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