What Will Tfue Do After The Fortnite World Cup? Learn a New Instrument.

From Best Fortnite Player to Best Horn Player Tfue Picks Up New Skill.
Source: Tfue Twitch

Tfue is one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale players in the game next to Ninja, and some argue that he takes the number one spot. However, it seems like Tfue has picked up a new skill in this rare moment caught on stream.

Tfue Qualifies for the World Cup

FaZe Tfue recently qualified for the Fortnite World Cup finals. It was a moment that many Fortnite fans were thrilled about. Tfue has recently announced that the he would be quitting competitive Fortnite after the World Cup finals. This left Tfue fans, and esports fans sad as he is an integral part of Fortnite Battle Royale, and that not having him compete in competitive matches is like missing a big piece of the pie. News spread like wildfire, and many streamers chimed in trying to convince Tfue not to quit.

However, Tfue has always been strong headed when it comes to his decisions and he sticks by what he says. He also ended up sharing the moment he made the finals on Twitter.


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Huge mood 🍾🍾

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That is why Tfue qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup finals was a great moment. Fans get to continue watching Tfue compete in esports, and it just prolongs the whole departure of Tfue from competition.

What Will Tfue Do After The Fortnite World Cup?

Now that Tfue won’t be competing in Fortnite esports anymore, what will Tfue do after the Fortnite World Cup? Most would say he will stream even more now (which is great for the community). However, from Tfue’s recent Twitch stream it seems that he will be picking up a new hobby and learning to blow a horn.

In the bizarre moment caught on his Twitch stream, Tfue tells his partner in crime, FaZe Cloakzy that he’s going to be playing the horn. FaZe Cloak could be heard saying, “You’re playing instruments?”. Tfue replied saying he’s going to learn instruments on his stream because he’s so bad at them. So we’ve just learned that Tfue isn’t musically gifted. But that won’t matter much in the career he’s in.

“I got this f***ing horn dude” – Tfue

As Tfue gets his horn and shows it to his stream, he tells FaZe Cloak to at him while he starts blowing into the horn. It’s an odd moment caught on Tfue’s stream, and FaZe Cloakzy doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of Tfue’s new musical instrument, saying “that sounded like a dying animal!“.

FaZe Tfue Blows Horn. Learns New Instrument on Twitch
Source: Tfue Twitch

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