What Is RUIN in Fortnite?

What Is Ruin Skin Fortnite

Epic has a surprise in store for fans, a RUIN skin to unlock by completing weekly challenges, here is what RUIN is in Fortnite. 

RUIN Skin Coming to Fortnite

If you play Fortnite and are wondering how to get RUIN, then you are certainly not alone. This is the first time Epic has ever unveiled such an epic looking skin for free. Although there is some work required to unlock RUIN,  players have until week 8 to get moving on it, and luckily Game Life has everything you need.

RUIN is also rumored to be the Fire King that will rise from a dig site bringing lava and destruction along with him. Leaks at the end of this article show more.

New Discovery RUIN Skin

Just like the prisoner skin was to Season 7, RUIN requires players to complete challenges. It’s very simple, as all that’s required is to complete your weekly challenges. We are now half way done Season 8 and if you are behind with challenges, we have shortcuts to help you complete the hardest challenges and save you time. (see below)

Also, the Epic Demon Skull pickaxe is not combined with a set, because it will be matched while unlocking the new RUIN discovery skin.

Fortnite Ruin Skin
RUIN looks like a combination of Black Knight and Omega


How To Unlock RUIN

By completing weekly challenges, RUIN will be unlocked to Battle Pass holders in Week 8. It has now become very important to get cracking on weekly challenges if you are behind. Most are simple, however some do require players to search areas on the map. Here is a cheat sheet of the hardest challenges, showing you pictures and short videos if needed, on exactly where to look and speed up the process of completing challenges. The end goal is to make sure your challenges are complete so RUIN can be unlocked for you by week 8.

Full body RUIN Fortnite Skin

Remember, challenge skins will not show up in the item shop, either you unlock them or you miss out.

Weekly Challenge Shortcuts

Here is a cheat sheet, to save you time, for the trickiest challenges of Season 8. Some weeks are easier then others, but the following challenges all require players to visit different areas of the map.

Week 1
Visit All Pirate Camps Locations
Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle and the snow

Week 2
Visit the furthest North, South, East and West points of the island

Week 3
Search where the magnify glass sits on the treasure map loading screen

Week 4
Very easy week, no searching required

Week 5
Complete a lap of the Race Track in Happy Hamlet

Week 6
Visit a wooden rabbit, a stone pig, and a metal llama
Visit the 5 highest elevations on the island
Search where the knife points on the Treasure Map loading screen

Remember once you have completed all your weekly challenges, search for the secret banner or battle star to unlock additional XP. Here are the hidden locations, for all weeks, of battle stars and banners

What does RUIN mean?
Ruin description
Physical Destruction, decay, collapse

By the description of RUIN, he can very well be the character responsible for the end of season 8, destroying the map and preparing changes for Season 9.

New Dig Evidence

Theories are that digging sites are meant to find RUIN as he emerges from the metal enclosure near Leaky Lake. Here is a look the inside of the dig site near Leaky Lake. Notice the bottom of the hole has a metal covering.

Other findings in leaked files show Dopey event sounds matching a dig site. The sounds of eerie knocking metal can be clearly heard:

If we take closer look at a brightened version of the RUIN skin picture, we can clearly see he is inside what seems to a hole or lower ground. If we combine all elements of the new dig site with a metal plate at the bottom, the sound files of knocking metal and the picture of the RUIN inside lower ground, everything points to a major event evolving around what could be the real fire king.

RUIN inside Hole
Brightened RUIN image looks like he is raising from inside a hole or dig site.

Whether or not there is a story behind RUIN, it does not change the fact that the skin looks amazing and now gives players a reason to try and complete their weekly challenges to unlock him.

Good Luck

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