All Locations For Visit Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig, Metal Llama Challenge

Locations Visit Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig, Metal Llama Challenge

Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig and Metal Llama locations spread across the Fortnite map, here is where to find them. 

As Fortnite players try to complete the week 6 challenges, the animal challenge is very simple when you know where to look. Visit a Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig an metal Llama is a short challenge and extremely easy to complete.

They are spread evenly across the left extremities of the map. The visiting challenge is simple enough where players can drop on them or use vehicles to get from one to another. Players need a little bit of luck to complete all 3 locations in one game as the storm will surely factor in. Here are all 3 locations, including a video for players who need a visual.

Wood Rabbit, Stone Pig and Metal Llama Locations

There are 3 Animals spread across the new Fortnite map, with all of them being spread out near the borders of the map. A good start is to start with the Stone Pig near Lucky Landing. Afterward, its best to visit the Wood Rabbit near the Snobby Shores. This will assure a player easy access to both locations. However, the third location, Llama is much further north near Junk Junction/ Reminder that all Three locations have chests inside of them if players need weapons.

Fortnite Wood Metal Brick Animal Locations

Video of Locations

Here is a short video flyby of each of the 3 locations to visit and complete the challenge.

Other Week 6 Challenges

Another cool week 6 challenge is the Visit the 5 highest elevations on the island challenge. Game Life has all 5 locations covered and also include a video of all locations to speed up the process.

With Season 8 half over, there is no word from Epic if there will be any overtime challenges in store for fans after the 10 weeks. It’s best to not take any chances and wait for news as its safer to just complete them as you go. Good Luck

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