Types Of Fortnite Hacks That Has Ruined The Game

Types Of Fortnite Hacks That Has Ruined The Game
  • Fortnite Battle Royale has its cheating issues that make the game unplayable at times. Here’s a list of Fortnite hacks that cheaters use in-game.

Fortnite Battle Royale had its fair share of cheaters in the past. As the game got more and more popular we have seen many players coming out and saying the game is full of cheaters. However, after some time Epic Games decided to take action and several things followed. More than a year ago we have seen a kid sued by Epic Games for cheating in Fortnite. Also, we have seen Pro players getting banned for using cheats for fun. However, things did not end there, after being nearly out for 2 years Fortnite Battle Royale has another problem with the cheaters.

Cheating in the gaming world works in a circle. Someone cheats, the system catches and developers try to make a better anti-cheat. This is a circle, that keeps going. However, since cheating in the game got much lesser, we can see that Epic Games is not trying too hard anymore. But in the last two months, we have seen more and more cheats in the game, and Epic Games does need to take action for this issue. Let us take a look at a mind-numbing cheat in Fortnite.

Aimbots in Fortnite

Players can cheat in Fortnite using something called an aimbot. It’s a piece of software that cheaters can install on their PC to give them an advantage in-game. What aimbot does is allows players to shoot at enemies with incredible accuracy without having to aim their weapon. The aim it entirely guided by the cheating software while allows players to inflict damage on an enemy at an alarming pace. Typically players who fall victim to cheaters using aimbot will know right away when they are playing against a hacker because their life drains incredibly fast during a gun battle. Normally when an enemy is at a far distance and is able to drain your health bar as if he was two feet away from you is a clear indicator that the player is hacking.

Fortnite Cheaters In Game Using Aimbot

Wallhacks aka ESP in Fortnite

A wallhack, also called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is a hack in Fortnite that allows cheaters to see objects and players through walls. It’s probably the worse type of hack in Fortnite as the game is all about building, and players spend a lot of time inside “forts” that they build when battling. The idea of building in Fortnite is that it creates this unique 1 versus 1 experience where you need to out-maneuver your opponent through building.

Players who have finessed players with this skill have become Fortnite gods. However, when cheaters hack the game using an ESP, it defeats the purpose of building since the point is to confuse your opponent on where you’re moving while building. But what the wallhack does is show cheaters exactly your location behind solid walls. It gives your exact location which at that point,out-maneuvering your opponent doesn’t even matter because they are already two steps ahead of you.

What Fortnite Cheaters See On Their End

Here is a video of a player using all the hacks possible; both the aimbot and wallhack as an advantage against everyone he’s playing with in the room.

As you can see, this player has a standard cheat which you can buy for a very cheap price on any cheating site. Especially in the Asian servers, cheating is rampant and many players have stated that the game is unplayable. These types of Fortnite cheats can be bought as little as $2-3, which makes them easy for access. Epic Games needs to check their cheat engine once again and come up with harsher bans.

Last year we know that there were already 1193 accounts banned and 196 of these were prize winners in Competitive matches. This shows us the severity of this problem and Epic Games needs to solve this issue before it becomes another title that players leave in the dust.

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