TSM Fortnite Cuts Cowboy From Roster After News Release

TSM Releases Cowboy

TSM wasted no time releasing Cowboy after news surfaces of inappropriate  contact with a minor. 

Twitch streamer Faith shares a tweet from a fellow 16 year old female streamer. The origin of the tweet came from Fortnite TSM member Cowboy. It did not take long for the clip to start circulating social media while Team Solo Mid took immediate action releasing the player.

The streamer in the clip is Faith, 21, not the recipient of the tweet. She shows her viewers the messages that Cowboy sent the minor. The last message provides his discord contact.

Not Married

Rumors swirled that Noah “Cowboy” Cmiel was married which led Cowboy to respond, claiming his marital status is false. This did not change any decisions as TSM made it official releasing the Fortnite Player. There is no confirmed sources if Faith provided any additional messages to TSM after news surfaced.

TSM Cowboy Not Married

There is no confirmation if Cowboy was aware that he was contacting a minor.

TSM President Update

Leena Xu, Tsm president, provided an update on twitter on the actions they took after fining out about the events:

Age Restrictions

Twitch policies state a streamer must be at least 13 years old, however there are no obligations to mention your age under a channel profile.

Last year, Ninja made headlines when he mentioned that he would not be playing with female streamers. Once hitting social, his story was blown out of proportion by fake assumptions. Ninja quickly  responded with the following statement:

Ninja not playing with Females Statement
Ninja Twitter
Cowboy Responds

1 week later Cowboy pins a tweet with an update:

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