Tips And Strategies To Reach Fortnite Champion League

If you’re an average Fortnite player struggling to unlock Fortnite Champion League, these strategies can you get there, here is a look at some critical tips and tricks to follow.

With the Fortnite World Cup under way, any player who reaches Champion League can play the weekend Opens. For competitive players, its their chance at glory, getting on stage in New York City for the chance to walk away with the $3,000,000 grand prize.

But what about the average player? The player who knows he does not stand a chance of winning but wants to have the Champion League unlocked so he can get a taste of what competitive Fortnite feels like. For some average players its the pride of playing in the same game as a Tfue or Ninja, while saying: “I was able to compete in the first ever Fortnite World Cup event.”

Best way to Reach Fortnite Champion League
New York City July 26-28 Grand Finals

Who knows if Epic will change their formats next year, locking it down to selected players. This year might be the average player’s only chance to get in no matter what your expectations are. Here are some steps to follow on how to reach the Fortnite Champion League. My brother has a 2% win record and was able to get into Champion League by following this strategy.

Beware Of Division 6
Best way to get from Division 6 to Fortnite Champion League
Many players hit a roadblock when reaching Division 6

You need to let go of your traditional style of play and stick to the plan. The most important thing to consider is to always keep track of your current points when in a match. Your main goal is to gain points and do whatever it takes to avoid going negative. If you are reading this article you are very well aware of the Arena Scoring system and how things get very difficult when you reach Division 6. The leap from Division 6, Contender League, to Division 7, Champion League, is by far the biggest hurdle for the average Fortnite player to achieve.

Division 6 unlocks at 225 hype points with 300 points needed to unlock Champion League. However, once in Division 6 the number one killer is the bus fair jumps to -2 points. This can single handily halt a player’s progression if they decide to play games without any strategy. Your points can quickly dip under 225 points but you will remain in Division 6. I have seen more players get to Division 6 and go backwards instead of moving forward to reach Champion League.

1) Playing For Points Not Kills

As stated above, Div 6 chews up -2 bus fare points for every game. You always need to keep in mind your are down 2 points before even landing. The best way to look at things is to forget about kill points at the start of a game. If you engage in a landing fight and lose, you just dropped your bus fair and lost 2 points stupidly. Don’t look to push fights after landing unless you have no choice. We will cover this strategy later. Lets look at the Arena Scoring and I will explain how to breakdown your game based on strategy points.

Fortnite Division 6 Contender League Arena Scoring
3 main goals to focus on for positive Hype Points

As mentioned above, you must pick your early game fights very wisely. If you land a location with another player and kill him off drop, it’s only 1 point and your are still -1 because of the bus fair. But if you die in the fight you lose your complete bus fair. Ask yourself is the fight worth it?

Your main goal going into every game is to reach top 5. This guarantees you 5 points a game, even if you end up with 0 kills. You need to get your 75 points whichever way possible to get from 225 to 300 and reach Champion league. Although, it’s easier said then done, your first goal is to reach top 25. By reaching top 25 you just made sure your bus fair is covered while gaining 1 point closer to 300 points. It’s a slow process but the name of the game is to make sure you never go backwards.

After a player reaches a goal of Top 5, Top 15 or Top 25, you can open up your game and engage in fights because your are leaving a match with positive points. For example, you get to top 25, you are awarded your 3 points. You see 21 players remaining and see a fight you can engage in, then go for it. However, if you see 17 players left, you are 2 positions away from earning an additional 2 points. In this case, you wait because those 2 points are very valuable.

2) Best Landing Spots and Baller Strategy

The second most important strategy is your landing strategy. DO NOT get sidetracked into complaints on how Ballers should be removed from the World Cup qualifying. For now it’s here to stay and utilizing them is what will help you reach Champion League.

Most Pirate camps have at least one Baller and enough chests to get you deep into a game. The following locations are the best landing spots to make sure you get your game started on the right foot. Here are the 5 best landing spots:

Best Landing Spots To help reach Champion League
Best landing spots that combine loot and ballers without heavy resistance.

Keep in mind of bus trajectory before deciding what landing spot to choose from. The 5 landing spots above have very little enemy action and you can harvest and loot before jumping into a Baller. If there is one thing you can be certain about is that players landing at these locations are thinking the exact same thing you are. Either they want to grab a Baller or they don’t want to face too much early game action. Be very aware when landing, if you have company or not. If you notice you will have the better landing and see a pump, then you can engage a landing fight. Some of these locations may only have 1 Baller spawned, so you will have no choice but to fight the enemy to claim the Baller. However, there may be certain scenarios where you can try to land and sneak into a baller right away without challenging an enemy or looting. Beware of this tactic because if the enemy decides to shoot you from a distance and destroys your baller, you are left in the open with no weapons.

3) Early Rotation Using Map Extremities

You have successfully equipped yourself with some mats, weapons and are safely Balling, now what? As soon as Storm indication light’s up, immediately use the extremities of the map to work your way into zone. Making your way to zone early, inside a baller will give you the opportunity to use the extremities of the map. It might take a little longer, but you will not be faced with 3rd parties shooting at your Baller. Always work your way North of Lazy Lagoon and South of Fatal Fields. Both areas have the lowest enemy resistance.

This is the pattern to use when for early rotation when you have a Baller.

Best map rotation to help reach Champion League
Early Rotation is best using map extremity at all times.

The snow Biome is sometimes risky because it’s very open. Should the circle be closing in on the Snow portion of the map, a good strategy is to climb the side of Polar and camp at the dungeon while waiting for the next rotation. You have a perfect visual, easy hearing and easy rotation access from the cave.

Polar Peak Dungeon Best Hiding Spot
Parking your Baller inside the dungeon of Polar Peak
4) Weapon Selection

There will be instances when engaging in the right fight is inevitable. So far this article has covered ways focusing on the best ways to survive deep into a game while gaining the maximum amount of Hype points. Selecting the right weapon loadout is just as important. While you have already entered zone, because of your early rotation, you will have the upper hand waiting on enemies to make their way into the circle. Although you don’t want to give your position away, 3rd party kills can be valuable Hype points if equipped with the right weapons.

Suppressed Sniping Fortnite Tips
be on the lookout for vending machine locations as they carry suppressed sniper riffles.

Besides the obvious close range pumps and smgs, the silenced sniper is your best asset. This will allow you to tag unknowing players from a distance. Whether they are engaged in a build fight or making their way into rotation, suppressed sniping is the way to go.

Reaching Fortnite Champion League

Although the strategies mentioned in this article are generally unethical, not everyone trying to get into Champion League are amazing at the game. It requires different strategy planning and by sticking to a proper plan will help the average player get in. Although the obvious Fortnite IQ is required for uncalled for circumstances, players who are stuck at Divsion 6 should be aware of the different metas of Fortnite.

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