TimTheTatman Loses Weight. Faces Serious Fortnite Problem

TimTheTatman Loses Weight. Faces Serious Fortnite Problem

One of the most popular Twitch streamers is TimTheTatman. During a recent stream, he announced that he lost a good amount of weight. But one fan pointed out another problem that comes with that. 

Timothy John Betar

TimTheTatman (real name Timothy John Betar) is one of the most recognizable Twitch streamers. With his 3 million followers, he’s on the list of top 10 twitch streamers with the most followers according to Twitch Metrics.  Given that he’s a huge Fortnite streamer, this wasn’t always the case. Tim started streaming back in 2012 playing games like CS:GO, Overwatch and World of Warcraft (source). It wasn’t until Fortnite where he amassed his huge following. On top of playing Fortnite, TimTheTatman also does good for the community, teaming up with fellow streamers to raise money for the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. The event raised over 2.7 million dollars. Additionally, Tim also paves the way for other streamers like he did for Ewok.

The Real Grind

Tim has a set schedule for streaming Fortnite. Essentially streaming is his career, and like a 9-5 job Tim also has to go to work and stream every day. The grind is real, and streamers like Ninja who have were away from their streaming schedule reported to lose subscribers. In Ninja’s case, he lost 40k subscribers in 48 hours. So, when players who make a career out of streaming are not present, their subscriber base goes down, and essentially subscribers are what makes their income flow. If a streamer all of a sudden lost a large number of followers, that would impact their livelihood.

TimTheTatman Loses Weight

The reason that Twitch followers were brought is because of Tim’s situation. TimTheTatman has a mission right now, and he’s trying to lose weight. He was presumably around 275 lbs just before he started taking action. Sitting down all day and not being active will make anyone gain weight, and streamers need to find a balance of staying active, as well as being on top of their streaming game. Well, the good news is that Tim reported that he lost “a good amount of weight” in one of his recent Fortnite Battle Royale streams. He said he was 2 pounds off of reaching 250 lbs. However, as he pointed that out, one of his followers pointed out something else.

One of Tim’s fans pointed out that as he started losing weight, he started losing followers. TimTheTatman then realized he was right, saying:

“I lost weight and I lost subs. Holy freak you’re right. You’re actually right. Since I’ve lost weight I’ve lost subscribers. People always said if I lost weight I’d lost my subs dude.”

Ironically, if we break it down a bit, there’s some truth to that. Whoever told Tim that if he loses weight he’ll lose his followers were probably talking about his “brand image”, which in the case is Tim how we know him now. The fact is, TimTheTatman was around 275 (he said his goal weight would be another 25 pounds which would put him around 250). Considering he has accumulated most of his followers within the last 2-3 years, he was most likely around the same weight back then.

All of his followers now know Tim as the bubbly personality who’s larger than life. As he continues to lose weight, he will definitely look different and his followers will see a different “Tim”. Perhaps, this is what his friend was getting at, and that his current followers used to see Tim the way he is now. But if that’s the case, that’s not good news for Tim if he’s trying to lose weight. Considering that Tim’s an entertaining streamer, we highly doubt he’ll have any issues if he continues to lose weight. But, he’ll definitely have that case in the back of his mind.

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