TimTheTatman Dies in Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Might Not Qualify.

TimTheTatman Dies in Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Might Not Qualify.

During TimtheTatman’s run at the Fortnite World Cup, he found himself in a vulnerable position, falling off a cliff to his death. His chances of qualifying for the finals do not look good.

TimTheTatman Makes Big Mistake

During the Fortnite World Cup Qualifying matches, TimtheTatman was looking good early on, doing everything right to get himself further into the match, and possibly win in order to move on in the tournament At one point, the circle closed in qualifiers, Tim found himself in a tight scenario. The circle was closing in, and he was on a cliff at the top of Polar Peak. The ring was closing in and Tim had no choice but to go down. He saw opponents on his left, which cut his choices of exiting the hill.

This is what happens next.

As TimTheTatman was looking for paths to go down, he moved forward, risking his life as he was going down the hill. He first landed on a ledge, which was good news because Tim was moving away from the storm. However, as he continued going down, he fell off the cliff. TimTheTatman dies and lowered his chances of moving forward.

“I died!!”

Polar Peak

TimTheTatman was incredibly disappointed, and angry that he didn’t know there was no way down that part of the cliff. Viewers in the chatbox were typing “OMEGALOL” and “FAIL”, which wasn’t making Tim feel any better. Tim placed #35 overall, and his chances of moving forward to the Finals were slim at this point.

“I didn’t know I couldn’t connect there dude”

Tim was trying to connect with his materials along the edge and it wasn’t working, thus, being eliminated due to fall damage. Tim went on saying that was the worst ending he’s ever seen in his life; referring to his own Fortnite career. The only problem that Tim was able to point out was the fact that he never plays around Polar Peak; a part of the map engulfed in snow.

TimTheTatman Eliminated from Fortnite World Cup Esports
Source: Twitch

If Tim learned anything from this experience, it’s to familiarize himself with the Fortnite map in places he doesn’t often play at.

However, given how huge the map actually is, it’s impossible for someone to know every angle, corner, or cliff edge to prevent fall damage. Better luck next time Tim.

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