Tfue VS Ceeday Preparing For a Pickaxe Challenge

img source: Youtube Ceeday

Tfue VS Ceeday Preparing For a Pickaxe Challenge

World famous Fortnite player Tfue stated on his Fortnite stream that he wants a 1v1 pickaxe only battle with Youtuber Ceeday.

Saying in the stream “I think he will accept”. TFUE got an amazing response from Ceeday on his Youtube channel. Video’s name is basically a Message to Tfue.

Ceeday opens up by saying ”I cannot believe that I got to come out of hibernation to fight a default skin”.  In the video, Ceeday branded Tfue as a ”Naive little default skin” with a picture of him on crosshairs and small red x’s over his eyes. Continued on saying ”Do you even know who I am?

Furthermore saying, “I am the owner of the best Pickaxe in the entire game.”

Showing his infamous pickaxe The Disco Brawl.

img source:

He also mentions Tfue as the second best Fortnite player in the world. Ceeday accepted this challenge by saying ”So I accept your challenge, you pick a time and a date that is not this week and I will be there.

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The video ends with Ceeday standing in front of a default skin (which looks a lot like Tfue) holding his pickaxe and later zoomed in to their faces and fire between them.

Tfue’s Response

On his Fortnite stream TFUE fans told him about the video from Ceeday. Later he watches and comments on the video by saying ”Bring it on”.

We can expect this fight to happen in the next week.

We know that Tfue makes challenges and accepts challenges. He offered challenges against famous players like Ninja, Symfuhny and more. This will be a match up to remember: TFUE vs Ceeday.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news.

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