Tfue T-shirts Sales Scammed By 3rd Party

Source: Entourstudio|Youtube

Fortnite Streamer Tfue addresses why fans who ordered T-shirts are still waiting to receive their product claiming a 3rd party company screwed him over

If you ordered a TFUE t-shirt over the past 2 months and have been waiting for your order, here is the reason. Tfue took to twitter to explain how a 3rd party company handling the orders have not pulled their end of the bargain.


Looking at the Tfue T-shirts floating around, it’s very likely that the company in question is entourstudio. One of the popular items was a “Tfue aimbot” shirt, that clearly shows entourstudio as the seller. Tfue mentions he is in the mists of cutting the product over to Shopify, explaining that everyone who has ordered a T-shirt will eventually receive it.

By reading over the Tweets, you can clearly see this will not happen over night. However, Tfue does promise to “fix” the issue.

Moving To Shopify

This is to no surprise as many 3rd party companies take advantage, promising fulfillment costs at cheap rates. Shopify is clearly the easiest and most trusted for T-shirt sales as most eSport orgs use them.

The real question is why Tfue had independent T-shirts when he could have easily went under his Faze clan’s merchandise. This would have assured safe processing.

If you have ordered a T-shirt Tfue has promised you will be receiving it, we just don’t know how long it will take.

we will keep you updated as the story develops.

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