TFUE Receives His Largest Fortnite Donation Ever *EXCLUSIVE*

TFUE largest fortnite donation ever

TFUE Receives His Largest Fortnite Donation Ever *EXCLUSIVE*.

The buzz around the Fortnite world this week is TFUE getting killed by a hacker, and failing to qualify for the Fortnite Winter Royale Final. However, something very special happened to TFUE in that hacker game. He received so many donations he was left speechless. He also received his largest Fornite donation ever after he walks away from his PC. His reactions are priceless. Finally TFUE in a good mood.

Game Life was tuned in live at the time and compiled all the crazy donations as they unfolded. (Exclusive Video Below)

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It all started as TFUE was queued waiting to hop into his Winter Royale match. A little 100$ donation came in from a viewer called Exposing2018. Exposing2018 is a mystery person when it comes to Twitch donations and had previously donated to TFUE and other streamers.

Just a couple of moments later, Exposing2018 donated an additional 10000 twitch bits, followed by $755 just a couple of seconds later. Around $1,000 in donations came in before TFUE even hits the battle bus.

He lands at  his usual spot (Outskirts of Paradise), and once again is gifted with another 1500$, then a 300$ bomb, all while TFUE stares at his screen in disbelief.

Still in the desert, he receives a 250$ donation from someone following the Exposing2018 donation frenzy.

Exposing2018 strikes one final time with 750$ that leaves TFUE speechless. Little does TFUE know, the biggest dono is still to come.


With 8 players remaining in the game, TFUE gets killed by a suspected hacker. I am sure most of you have read about this around the web, or even seen the video by now. He is completely triggered and returns to the lobby. TFUE is stuck at 25 points with a blown chance at qualifying for the Winter Royale Final. He vents in the lobby and is clearly upset.


TFUE, who is heated up at this point, gets up from his chair and someone drops a 5,000$ donation. He comes back to sit down and does not realize the donation has come in. After blowing off some more steam he finally notices someone has donated an ADDITIONAL $5,000 to his already donation-filled game.

TFUE goes on to mention this was his largest one-time donation he has ever received for Twitch. At this point. TFUE’s reactions are funny as he tries to concentrate on the game.

When some gamers are leaving comments on his YouTube page saying “no winter royale for TFUE” or “TFUE eliminated from hopes because of a hacker“, look at the bright side.

He made almost $9,000 in that one game. Not bad at all for 15 minutes of play.

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