Tfue Not Playing ESL Fortnite Tournament

Tfue ESL Fortnite Poland
Source: Tfue Youtube

Tfue says he is not going to Poland to play in the $500000 ESL Katowice Royale International Event. Is this true?

Tfue Not Playing ESL Katowice Royale

The $500000 ESL International Fortnite tournament is set to take place in Poland from March1-3. With out a doubt, one of the biggest offline Fortnite tournaments to ever take place. It’s a global gathering, with the best players from all over the world flying in to take part in the Solo and Duo events. Although the ESL has not confirmed its final rosters, all early indications showed, Tfue and Cloakzy teaming up to defend their TwitchCon title.

However, during a recent stream, one of Tfue’s viewers popped a question, if Tfue would be going to the ESL Katowice Royale in Poland. Shockingly, Tfue responds by saying:

“There is no point for me to go. I don’t want to fly all the way across the world to lose money” _Tfue

Here is a clip of Tfue saying he does not want to go to Poland for the ESL Katowice Royale:

Tfue not attending would be a major blow to the event. It’s very rare to have all nations combined for an offline Fortnite event. The Fortnite ESL tournament is a great first step leading up to the Fortnite World Championship later this year.

Earlier this month, Symfuhny who was scheduled to play with Ghost Aydan, also pulled out. Aydan will now pair up with Nickmercs for the event. Many fans questioned Symfuhny’s decision, speculating it as a financial decision. While all the top players are in Poland, other streamers, like Symfuhny, can host viewing parties. Making excellent revenue, as most of the pros will be unavailable.

Different Rules

While Tfue has a case about losing money if he goes, 1st place for Solo is $20000 and $80000 for duos, ESL has a different set of rules vs Epic hosted events. One major difference might have players think twice before deciding not to attend.


Contrary to Epic offline events, the ESL Fortnite event allows players to stream. Here is a look at the official rulebook entry for the event:

ESL Katowice Royale rulebook streaming allowed

Although big names streamers like Tfue earn thousands a day, there can be a huge upside to attend the event. Having the ability to stream such a big weekend might be more profitable should they decide to stream live from the IEM EXPO.

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