Tfue Not Enjoying The New Season. Wants Things Removed.

Tfue Not Enjoying The New Season. Wants Things Removed.

One of the best Fortnite Players Tfue said he is not enjoying the new Season. What’s so bad about the new Fortnite Season 8? Let’s take a closer look.

Tfue Not Enjoying The New Season. Wants Things Removed.

Tfue and Fortnite go side by side. If you play the game and art in-tune of Fortnite news, then you’ve read an article or two about Tfue. He is an all-around world class player and many Fortnite gamers look up to him. He can build, edit, shoot and he is also known for his smart plays. However, in the last months, Tfue has not been happy with the transformation of Fortnite Battle Royale.

He said this several times during his streams. He did not even join the ESL Katowice Royale. Which was unlike him to begin with as the tournament is one of the top tournaments on the world. So it was unlikely of Tfue to miss out. If he was willing to travel to the Fortnite Korea Open, he surely could have gone to Katowice, Poland.

Tfue stated from his Twitter page that, “Glad everyone’s enjoying the new season because I’m sure not“. He tweeted this with the start of Fortnite Season 8. Tfuewas expecting Fortnite Season 8 to fix the bugs that have been annoying players all over. He said, ” Yes I am annoyed, I thought the new season was going to fix all the problems at the game and it did not, which sucks.

What is Tfue’s plan?

ESL Katowice Royale is taking place in Poland, and some other star players are not attending. However, we all know that these events are expected by many players across the world, and Tfue being one of the biggest stars in Fortnite should be there to represent. ESL tournaments are very important across Europe which is the biggest player base. So why is Tfue doing this? Is it perhaps to show Epic that he means business and won’t market the game if they don’t fix what’s most important; in-game mechanics?

These reactions coming from a very prominent player of the game is surely very interesting; someone with that much popularity certainly must have some pull at Epic. So why didn’t Epic Games fix any bugs in the Fortnite Season 8? The new reason started just yesterday, but these problems, combined with some of the players are stating that Fortnite is ripping some stuff of Apex Legends will give Epic Games some problems.

Perhaps Epic being blind-sided by the success of Apex Legends has caused some concern in the in the Epic camp. Instead of fixing bugs, they are focusing on creative angles that would attract players who left to play Apex to come back to Fortnite. One can only assume, but it’s clear that Tfue isn’t a happy at the moment.

Tfue Mad at Epic Games Hates Season 8 Wants Bugs Fixed
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