Tfue Leaving LA

TFUE leaving LA Faze house
source: leafly

Tfue explains why he is leaving LA and gives credit to Ninja for getting it right

During Tfue’s latest stream, he picks up an interesting question from his chat: “why is it every streamers dream to move to LA?”. That question triggers the most intense answers and opinions Tfue has given out in quite some time.

He starts his long reply stating that, every time a streamer gets famous, they move to LA. Most of the times resulting in distractions by money, parties and drugs, streamers finally ending washed up. Tfue says he is not into any of that and that’s not what anyone should be doing.

TFUE then starts appreciating how Ninja is going about with his career. “Ninja stays away from all of this. He’s alone with his wife and on the grind for hours. I respect that”. Ninja has his wife taking care of his business, while he handles the streaming. The combination is working perfectly.

Tfue then carries on about how “LA is cancer” and says that “LA just eats people alive”

The whole year has been about streamers and the different content they post. Initially gamers like Myth, Tfue were just about streaming and posting highlights of their best game play. Now Vlogging is taking streamers to a whole new level.

Streamers who relocate, have a lot to take into consideration while making the move. From what TFUE says, you can clearly understand that there is no place like home. When you share a house with a bunch of other streamers it’s hard to keep focus.

Where is Tfue headed? 

Tfue says he just wants to get out of the west coast. Miami and Austin are the two places Tfue is considering.

He loves Miami, because he is from Florida, but considers Austin a better place primarily because of the difference in housing costs.

You can watch the first 2minutes of this clip to hear TFUE’s response:


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