Tfue Neck Condition Worsens. Here Is What We Know So Far.

tfue neck injury
Twitch Tfue
Tfue talks about his neck condition and how he has been feeling sick lately

One of Fortnite’s major stars, Turner “Tfue” Tenney has revealed a mysterious neck condition that may impact his playing and practicing time for the Fortnite World Cup. If we look over the past month, Tfue had mentioned he was not himself with a series of tweets.

Although Tfue has been prescribed antibiotics, he says doctors don’t know exactly what it is.

UPDATE April 1st, great news as Tfue tweets out that all his neck results have come back negative. The scare seems to be over as nothing major seems to have been found.

March 21: Tfue returned for a rare, early day stream. He briefly spoke about his neck. He mentions he had a scan but they could not tell him what is is. He needs to see another doctor. Although his medical condition is still a mystery, it’s a good sign to see Tfue streaming.


UPDATE March 20, Tfue has tweeted out that he is currently in an emergency room. When Tfue ended his stream on March 19th, he did mention he was going to see his doctor in the afternoon. No word if it’s his doctor who admitted him to the ER.

Previous Signs of Tfue Health Condition

Anyone who follows Tfue is aware of his “take it with a grain of salt” personality. However, a series of tweets from Tfue might have been a sign of problems prior to talking about his neck condition.

The tweet could be Tfue needing a break or possibly a hint of his health condition.

Two weeks later Tfue tweets that he does not feel right. Again, this can be from overplaying as Tfue grinds Fortnite daily, hardly ever missing a stream. But with the new of his condition, this could have been the start why he is not feeling good.

Tfue Shows Neck Condition

On a recent stream, Tfue reveals why he is not feeling great and shows his stream the lump on his neck. Because he mentions his doctor is not sure what it is, there is no proof if his neck condition is related to over playing or something else.

Other Fortnite Players Injuries

If Tfue’s lump on his neck is a serious issue, it would not be the first time that a player has had something serious sneak up on them. Recently, TSM Hamlinz jokingly tweeted about having a streaming injury. He poked fun at the fact that he had developed a bump on his backside. But the joke quickly turned serious after seeing a doctor.

The following day, Hamlinz update his fans stating the injury was something more serious and he would require time off from playing:

Taking A Break

There is no doubt that Tfue plays and streams in very long periods. He rarely misses days and takes the competitive side of his game very seriously. Some may think he only streams long hours for the money but there is no doubt that he loves what he does and is eyeing the Fortnite World Cup crown.

With the lump on his neck appearing and Tfue complaining about being tired and having headaches, should he be taking a break and for how long? Health should always come first but Tfue is one of the most competitive players out there.

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