Team Secret Enters North American Fortnite Scene Ahead Of Fortnite World Cup

Team Secret Fortnite Players

VapeJesus and Fuzzy become first NA Fortnite players to sign with Team Secret, here is why the move make perfect sense. 

Anyone who follows competitive Fortnite and hears the word Team Secret, one player immediately comes to mind….Mongraal. Although only 14, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson is a prominent star just waiting for his chance to shine in a major tournament. Secret also has another young talent in Osmo, who is also under age for competitive play.  Milan and Domentos complete the Team Secret roster, with both players having experience as they participated in the ESL Katowice Royale.

Fortnite World Cup
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With Epic’s announcement of a new age limit of 13 years old for its upcoming Fortnite World Cup, Team Secret now becomes a major contender. Both Mongraal and Osmo will be eligible to qualify, bolstering Team Secret’s chance. However, just like many pro organizations, Team Secret’s roster is comprised of one continent. Up until now, all TS players were based in EU, but this all changes as they have added two NA players in VapeJesus and Fuzzy.

Impact of Fortnite World Cup.

With Fortnite World Cup qualifying less then a month away, Epic has not released any information on its format or structure. All we really know is qualifying starts April 13th and runs for 10 weeks leading up to the $30 million finals at the end of July. The top 100 players will make their way to NYC. But how and more importantly from where will players be chosen is still unknown. Up until now Epic’s format has been to split up EU and NA. Whether that be an online series like a Skirmish or an event like the Winter Royale, it’s always been split up. So what happens now? How will continents be split up to determine qualifying for the finals? Ghost Bizzle made a comment on stream how he thinks 75% of qualifiers should come from NA, while the remaining 25% spread across other countries.  Although his statement sounds far fetched, this can very well be a possibility.

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Smart Move

With Team Secret now locking up two NA players in VapeJesus and Fuzzy, they expand their chances of getting in. Should Epic decide more NA players will be selected, they have representatives on both sides. This is an excellent move in the short term but also the long run. Too many organizations are limited to one continent. With Team Secret now equipped with NA players, their brand can continue to grow outside of Europe.

The VapeJesus signing is a great move, as he ranked as a top NA FA and probably would not have remained unsigned for much longer. VapeJesus brings experience as he has major experience in both offline, TwitchCon, and online STL and Gauntlet finalist. He has the knack to qualify as a finalist for online events and this is exactly what is needed to stand a chance for the World Cup. Signing Fuzzy is another smart move as the pair have shown success duo’ing together for STL and Gauntlet.

In conclusion, Team Secret made a smart move by signing their new players. Both have shown they can run deep into qualifying events and more importantly are North American. This gives them the best chance at covering more ground come World Cup qualifying time.

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