Team Liquid Calls Out Epic Games To Fix Fortnite Champion Series

Team Liquid Calls Out Epic Games To Fix Fortnite Champion Series
  • One of the biggest esports organizations in the world has called out Epic Games to fix their Fortnite Champion Series schedule.  Here’s what they tweeted to @FortniteGame.

Season X Plagued With Issues

Fortnite’s Season X been plagued with issues in public matches, but these issues have also been carried over to the Fortnite Competitive. We’ve recently seen the Fortnite Twitch Rivals $400,000 tournament be sabotaged by the over-powered BRUTE mech, in which Fortnite pros quit the tournament because of it. This was the first sign that Fortnite community was going to take action towards Epic Games for not listening to them beforehand. You see, the issue with the BRUTE mech didn’t just appear in a day.

Players were taking to social media and the official Fortnite Reddit page to complain about the overpowered vehicle since the first day of Season 10. BRUTE was added in the season to go with the storyline, however, it’s proved to be a complete disaster. Additionally, major pros and streamers decided to start playing other games, which brought the viewership of Fortnite on platforms like YouTube and Twitch very low. Well, it seems now that another major player in the game is calling for some tweaks.

Team Liquid Calls Out Epic Games To Fix Fortnite Champion Series

The Fortnite Champion Series is a competitive Fortnite tournament that’s held on a weekly basis and is the latest Fortnite esports event to take place this season. Despite Season 10 being disrupted by new items added in-game and the BRUTE, now the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is experiencing issues as well. Recently, the official Fortnite Twitter account tweeted an updated schedule for NA. Since there were issues with the servers, Epic had to reschedule the North American East and West schedules. But one major organization took notice of the gruesome scheduling. Team Liquid replied to the tweet saying:

“This isn’t healthy.. Add another weekend, please.”

Here’s the reply:

On top of Fortnite having to fix issues for the game in general, they also have to fix issues caused by their servers for competitive play. The problem with the schedule that @FortniteGame tweeted out is that the trio tournaments had to be changed, and with the change, teams would have to play 9 hours in one sitting. Technically, they would be waiting around for 11 hours since there is only a one hour break, and players cannot really go anywhere during that time. So the pros would need to be sitting at their desk for roughly 11 hours. This is not only a harsh schedule, but Epic Games didn’t take the teams schedules into consideration, hence the tweet from Team Liquid asking for a more realistic setup.

Snood, a professional player for Ghost Gaming replied with “W”, which received the most likes from TL’s reply to @FortniteGame. With all that’s been going on in Season 10, both on the public and competitive scene, Epic will need to make up for it in Season 11. As of writing, there is no change in the NA/NW new schedule.

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